David Barton Triggers Protest in East Idaho

Founder of Wallbuilders and GOP operative David Barton is slated to speak at a Lincoln Day Dinner in Idaho Falls, ID on April 13. Some local officials aren’t very happy about it.

To protest Barton’s visit, Idaho Falls City Councilman John Radford and Bonneville County Democrats Committee Chairwoman Miranda Marquit have organized a community rally focusing on inclusion.  The group plans to meet on the same day at a nearby park.

The group’s Facebook page says:

Unfortunately, David Barton has been invited to share his brand of exclusion and “wall building” with our community. We’d like to host an event where we discuss the beauty and strength inclusion can bring to our community. we want to present An alternative to the David Barton approach, which focuses on exclusion and exceptionalism around race, religion, and sexuality.

On the Facebook page, a link to a NPR article on Barton’s distorted history can be found and the news article mentions Barton’s book The Jefferson Lies which was pulled from publication due to historical errors.

In today’s GOP, pretending to have an earned doctorate, being an anti-vaxxer, denying climate change and distorting history isn’t a big problem. However, it is good to see others make the public aware of these issues and challenge Barton’s claim to be an expert.

15 thoughts on “David Barton Triggers Protest in East Idaho”

  1. Thankful to have read some more of Barton. One of the teachers at my church supports him. So I read John Feas book just in case.

  2. I do know of a “Lincoln” David Barton would be easily associated with- George Lincoln Rockwell….

  3. The self-serving moral relativism of the Bonneville County GOP is now out in the open.

    David Barton’s well-documented fraud and blatant lies likely disqualify him from admissions into a legitimate, accredited graduate degree-granting institution. Yet, such shameful and dishonest behavior is not only acceptable, but preferrable for the East Idaho GOP.

  4. I hope the community rally is a resounding success. I wish them blue skis, warm weather, and lots of attendees. David Barton does not deserve to have his name linked with Abraham Lincoln’s in any context.

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