John Perkins’ Daughter: Charles Evers’ Statement is Accurate

Did John MacArthur visit the Lorraine Motel in the wake of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Several times since at least 2007, MacArthur has claimed that he was with civil rights icons John Perkins and Charles Evers as they traveled to Memphis in the hours after MLK’s murder. MacArthur added that he stood on the balcony where King was shot and visited the house where James Earl Ray fired the shots, all within hours of the assassination. A February 4 NOQ Reports article skeptically addressed this matter using an interview with civil rights icon Charles Evers as contradicting evidence. In the report, Evers denied he went to Memphis that night.

The NOQ Reports article quickly came under fire. Critics claimed it was biased and omitted some critical information. Due to the controversy and as a matter of historical interest, I became curious about the story and asked Phil Johnson, Executive Director of Grace to You (MacArthur’s teaching ministry), for additional clarification of several of the issues. He suggested I interview John Perkins.

Although it took several weeks for us to connect, I was able today to speak to Deborah Perkins, one of John Perkins’ daughters, who said she was empowered to speak for her father on this matter. I asked if John Perkins had gone to Memphis within hours of MLK’s murder. She said, “That’s not a comment we can offer a comment on.” She added spontaneously, “Charles Evers has already commented on that. He already said that wasn’t right.” I asked, “So, do you think Charles Evers’ statement is accurate?” Ms. Perkins said, “Yes, Charles Evers’ statement is accurate if he made it.”

Ms. Perkins said that John MacArthur was a friend of Dr. Perkins and that was all they wanted to say, but added that Charles Evers was accurate in what he said about the situation.

To make sure that I understood Charles Evers’ position and that he did indeed make the statement attributed to him in the February report, I called and talked to him. He repeated his claim that he did not remember John MacArthur, and he did not remember going to Memphis that night. He added that he might have gone to Memphis sometime after the murder but he didn’t remember for sure. In any case, he didn’t remember going anywhere with MacArthur.

I asked for response or comment from Johnson and Rev. MacArthur (through Johnson), but they didn’t response by the time I published this. I will be happy to add any response they offer.

Without a lengthier interview with Dr. Perkins, I still don’t know in detail what happened that night or if there was ever a trip to Memphis (within a week, a month?). Perhaps everybody involved has a fuzzy memory for the events of the time.

In summary, when John Perkins’ representative had the chance to confirm John MacArthur’s story, she declined to comment; then she spontaneously affirmed the accuracy of the person who said MacArthur’s story wasn’t true. This is what I can offer at this time. What it means is surely in the eye of the beholder.


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11 thoughts on “John Perkins’ Daughter: Charles Evers’ Statement is Accurate”

  1. An Aug 17, 1968 newspaper profile of MacArthur doesn’t mention an MLK connection. “Young MacArthur recently returned from Mississipi where he conducted youth crusades among the negro youth in many large public schools.”

  2. Well, that was clear as mud. Given the chance to say that John MacArthur was at the Lorraine Motel on the night of MLK’s assassination, though, nobody said “Yes, he was.” Since the details of MacArthur’s story seem extremely unlikely, and noone is willing to say they saw him there, it’s not a story I’m willing to believe.

  3. If it was just “hours” after the assassination, wouldn’t the police still have those areas cordoned off?

    1. You’d certainly think so. I doubt that they would let gawkers in to mess up the crime scene.

  4. “He suggested I interview John Perkins.”

    That’s a very gracious way to put that.

    1. Lol, yes, I did understate that. Of course, I planned to do that and had already contacted Perkins’ foundation.

  5. This is far more serious than people realize. John MacArthur has completely fabricated the story that “I [MacArthur] stood on the blood spots on that motel with those men” (Charles Evers & John Perkins) & “I stood on top of the toilet where James Earl Ray shot him.” Both are audacious lies.

  6. Whether it be flat-out lying, embellishment of the truth, or fuzzy memories, the underlying reason for making the statement in the first place would appear to be to gain street-cred with the African-American community. I think most people would say “so what ?”

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