Unification Church Proclaims Christian Era is Over; Next Week Christian Entertainers Open for God’s Daughter

While evangelicals are selling out to politics, the Unification Church is quietly evangelizing the disillusioned. According to their leaders, the Christian era is over and the era of True Parents is here. As an illustration to their followers, Unification leaders use Christian participation in Unification events as a signal that Christian leaders are coming into the Unificationist fold.

Watch Family Federation leader Michael Jenkins talk about Christian ministers who are coming into the Unification movement.

On November 12, Yolanda Adams, Hezekiah Walker, Israel Houghton, and Bishop Noel Jones will open for her Messiahship, the Only Begotten Daughter of God Hak Ja Han Moon, True Mother of all Heaven, Earth and Mankind. The event is called Peace Starts with Me. Curtis Farrow will convene a choir of 5,000 unsuspecting Christians who will move a little closer to another religion.


7 thoughts on “Unification Church Proclaims Christian Era is Over; Next Week Christian Entertainers Open for God’s Daughter”

  1. And the Moonies rise again…

    Many years ago, during one of the Pin-the-Tail-on-The-Antichrist paranoia parties of the period, I talked things over with my old Dungeonmaster about Reverend Moon being The Beast. My DM’s response was “He’s actually a better candidate than the usual suspects. A lot of cults are founded so the Cult Leader can get rich, get laid, or both, but Moon’s been after POLITICAL power from Day One.”

  2. Ok…I guess we don’t run in the right (or wrong!) circles, but we don’t recognize any of these names – “Yolanda Adams, Hezekiah Walker, Israel Houghton, and Bishop Noel Jones” – are these people known in the US as “Christians” within any commonly accepted use of the term?

    1. You might want to check out Wikipedia on them at least. They are all connected to Christian churches or acknowledged Gospel music gigs. Some of won Grammys, one pastors a 17,000 member pentecostal congregation. There is plenty there to check on. If nothing else, they have a lot of exposure in Christian circles so that’s important.

  3. Any one know what the relative demographics are for Trump-leaning voters who are also aligning with this Moonie movement? After all- perhaps one cult could easily embrace another. Living in the thrall of phonies could become a way of life for these people.

    1. The last time I asked that question I woke up the next morning to President Trump. I wouldn’t push it.

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