This Migrant Caravan Isn’t The First; Trump is Exploiting This One

For years, caravans of migrants from Central America have traveled through Mexico without a military response from the Trump administration. Like the current movement, refugees flee violence in their home countries and travel in groups to try to make the journey safer.

When the asylum process works some refugees are granted a hearing. Wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet is better than being threatened with violence back home.

Trump and the Republican leadership know that these caravans are not dominated by criminal types. Criminal types prey on the caravans. These are people who seek asylum and want a better life. There is a history of people presenting themselves at points of entry wanting to be vetted. Trump is deliberately obscuring that history by referring to the most recent caravan as an invasion and overreacting by sending troops to the border.

On average, such persons do contribute to the U.S. and benefit the economy and contribute to the social good. Trump’s stereotyping of asylum seekers as murderers and criminals and the recent caravan as a new threat is dishonest.


8 thoughts on “This Migrant Caravan Isn’t The First; Trump is Exploiting This One”

  1. It has been my experience that those who love power will do anything it takes to hold onto it, and that such behaviour (i.e. lying and manipulation) seems to be par for the course.

    1. No what Trump is doing is far beyond “par for the course”. Which is why the term “gas-lighting” keeps being used.

      Apparently, his advisors got through to him about what would happen if the Dems take control of Congress (and the Senate), hence he stopped attacking Republicans he didn’t like and started stumping. And if more republicans had used that to push back against Trump sooner, I would’t be hoping for a massive “blue wave” to happen today. However, I am, because the republicans in congress haven’t done their job to keep Trump in check.

      1. Just to clarify my comment, Ken: when I said it was par for the course, I was not referring to the behaviour we might normally expect to see in politics, but behaviour that is part and parcel of the power plays of narcissistic abusers.

  2. He likes “obscuring” history. He prefers history that he makes up as he goes along. And, he likes holding the power of life and death in his hands. We should never forget that he is a sadistic bully.

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