In Pakistan, Asia Bibi Acquitted After 8 Years in Prison

Long time readers of this blog will recognize the name Asia Bibi, a Christian women imprisoned in Pakistan on charges of blasphemy against Muhammed. She was on death row for eights years and had one last appeal to Pakistan’s Supreme Court. This morning, it is being reported widely that she was acquitted.

This is of course tremendous news for her and her family. Her cause has been a focus of many groups, religious and non-religious, since her wrongful conviction eight years ago. Many in Pakistan wanted her to be executed for blasphemy. Pakistan’s high court did not find the evidence compelling and acquitted her. There isn’t any news at this point about when she will be release or where she will go. She certainly won’t be safe in Pakistan. She has been offered asylum in France among other places in the world.

5 thoughts on “In Pakistan, Asia Bibi Acquitted After 8 Years in Prison”

  1. This is indeed wonderful news, and it is reported that she has been released and might have left Pakistan. Her lawyer has been given asylum by the Netherlands.

  2. I have to look up exactly how this happened, but it is an excellent development. Very happy for her.

    1. I would say more honest and brave than necessarily liberal. They face a real chance of being murdered for this.

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