Evangelistic Outreach for Unification Messiah True Mother Moon Adds Israel Houghton

The Family Federation for a Heavenly USA (aka the Unification Church) has added worship artist Israel Houghton to the lineup of high profile Christians who will help evangelize New Yorkers for self-described True Mother and the only begotten daughter of God, Hak Ja Han Moon.

In the newest video ad for the November 12 Nassau Coliseum rally Peace Starts with Me, the organizers announced the addition of Grammy award winner Houghton. View the video below:

Houghton joins Hezekiah Walker, Yolanda Adams and Bishop Noel Jones as self-proclaimed Christian performers/speakers at an event which Moon’s followers hope will help establish her as a mainstream religious figure. She and her followers claim that Jesus failed in his mission by being crucified. In the modern era, her husband was the fulfillment of the Messianic promises and she is the daughter of God and only through she and her husband — True Parents — is their hope for reunion with God.

I have heard no response from Adams, Walker or Jones regarding their support for this non-Christian event.

5 thoughts on “Evangelistic Outreach for Unification Messiah True Mother Moon Adds Israel Houghton”

  1. The Moonies (their leader embraced the name) are masters at lining up mass events and sweeping a boatload of sycophantic disciples as well as universalist-leaning preachers and religious magnates into the salad bowl in time for the live streaming and Kodak Moments. Hopefully the posses of each of these people will come to their senses and do a power lunch with the Unification cult posses and pull out. I’m not holding my breath.

    Our website on the Moon orbit .. http://www.spiritwatch.org/unchurch.htm

  2. I wonder how much these celebrities are getting paid? Many “Christian” celebrities are available to hire. It is just a question of how much it will cost. Jesus was not mercenary in this way. Jesus was clear that doing the right thing will not make you rich, rather it will cost you something. In this case, the actions of these individuals speak louder than words. Mrs. Moon is quite old and soon will die just like everyone else. So much for her false Messiah claims…

  3. His current tour appears to be named “The Road to DeMaskUs – ugh. I don’t know any of these people. If Houghton is known as a contemporary (or any) Christian musician, I’m curious as to what the response will be. I know what it has been for those in his place who come out as gay.

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