8 thoughts on “Federal Judge Approves Class Action Plan in Gospel for Asia Fraud Case”

  1. I received an e-mail notification today about the class action lawsuit, so apparently they are now being sent out. For me it states automatic inclusion unless I opt out.

  2. BTW, there’s a KP defender commenting on some old posts. Based on his other Disqus comments, he’s in India, and he has a particular interest in cracked versions of copyright software.

  3. This looks very reasonable and balanced. It gives the bare facts of the case; GFA has been sued alleging misuse of funds, they deny it, and it has yet to go to trial.

    I wonder, however, how many GFA donors will be shocked to learn about this lawsuit? They’ve done their best to keep it quiet so far, but now ever current and previous donor for the last few years will be informed.

    I wonder how busy GFA’s phone line will be once this gets sent out? They’re going to have some explaining to do, and while many people will simply accept what they’re told and continue to donate while waiting for the results of the lawsuit, a lot of people will start looking around online, and many of those are likely to stop donating altogether.

    I suspect donations will drop a fair bit now.

    1. At this point I will save my judgment until after these things have gone out. Closing down fraudulent schemes like GFA has so far proven to be much more difficult than merely blogging about things that obviously cannot be true. Even the publicity about the lawsuits have not done much. I have come to the conclusion that most Christians give not to that which is true but to that which they really want to believe is true. This deception is a stronghold for many.

      1. I have recently come out of the doors of a branch of GFA. They have been brainwashed into thinking KP is appointed by God to carry out the great commission (maybe that was true once upon a time)
        They think this court case is the work of Satan. I was asked to pray that this court case would fail.
        Please have compassion for people inside GFA on the subordinate level. The staff too have given up more than they care to admit and to then admit they have been duped would be devastating.
        I am not at all suprised that ex employees have developed PTSD and even lost marriages and faith due to this mess.
        Justice must be served. So many people have suffered through this heinous deception.
        I have only spent a few days in their offices and so only know them briefly and yet I am totally shell shocked by this news!
        Cannot imagine what it must feel like to have worked for them and supported them for years. It would literally tear all your worldview from under you.

        1. I have friends that I introduced to the “ministry” originally who later spent two years working for them. They signed the second letter protesting their practices and are part of the diaspora. I know well what you are talking about. I worked at and volunteered at Voice of the Martyrs only to later find out that it was built to where it is at by a child molester. So I too know the pain of this kind of thing. You are not telling me anything I do not know. VOM is also a scam and has been outed by the founders son Michael Wurmbrand. The war on children with them is the bigger issue with all of the kids Tom White likely molested oversees with donor funds and the money that was given to the Nigerian branch which their President Isaac used to molest lots of girls in his orphanage. These are very dark times that we live in! Those who, like I, have bought into the scams have become unwitting accomplices to big crimes.

          1. I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself. You were deceived, we all have been. It’s only complicit if you continue to help and aid them when you know the truth.
            I’m afraid this level of corruption goes far and wide though and doesn’t just stop at the doors of two charities.
            Just the tip of the iceberg.

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