Gospel for Asia Claims They Want an Impartial Arbiter but Acts to Delay Discovery

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Wills Point GFA Chapel – Architect website

One year ago, Gospel for Asia’s leaders said it was a “blessing” to have “an impartial arbiter” bring resolution to the allegations contained in the RICO lawsuit advanced by former donors Matthew and Jennifer Dickson. In a February 15 article, GFA is quoted by Charisma News:

We consider it a blessing to finally have the opportunity to bring this matter to full resolution through an impartial arbiter, and you can rest assured that in the meantime we will continue operating on behalf of some of the world’s most desperate people in some of its most complex environments.

However, since then, GFA has attempted to have the suit dismissed and is now appealing the most recent ruling which would allow the RICO case to proceed to discovery and trial. GFA would also like the federal judge to grant a stay of discovery while the appeal is being decided by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.
For their part, the Dicksons have opposed the appeal and the stay:

Defendants ask the Court to use its discretion to grant them a stay, delaying all proceedings in this case for however long it takes the Eighth Circuit to dispose of their appeal of the Court’s carefully reasoned Order denying their motion to compel arbitration. Under a straightforward application of the four-factor analysis that governs the disposition of such requests, Defendants fail to carry their burden. And Defendants’ alternate argument for a “mandatory stay” is neither supported by Eighth Circuit law nor otherwise warranted. This important case potentially affects the rights of tens of thousands of donors across the country, and it should not be delayed a day longer. The Court should deny Defendants’ request.

Apparently, GFA no longer counts it a “blessing” to have the opportunity to bring these allegations to “full resolution through an impartial arbiter.” If GFA’s leaders really want that blessing, then they should allow the case to proceed to discovery.  It is hard to take GFA’s claims seriously when they are doing everything possible to keep the case from moving forward.
GFA’s Motion to Appeal
GFA’s Motion to Stay Action on Proceedings