Gospel for Asia School of Discipleship Alum Reflects on Carrying Cash to India

Gospel for Asia’s School of Discipleship has decreased over the past two years of scandal involving GFA’s financial dealings. One alum recently addressed issues involving illegal cash carrying to India at the Donor Be Wise blog. In it, we learn that GFA encouraged students to keep the cash from customs agents and that GFA appears to be under federal investigation.

Q: When you got ready for your trip to India, did you know you were going to be taking cash?
A: Not at all. They didn’t tell us that we would be carrying cash until a day or two before we left. I do remember a student from the class before me mentioning something about cash that I didn’t understand at the time, and it was only after I was asked to carry the cash that I remembered that previous conversation.
Q: At what point during the trip to India did you receive the envelope of cash?
A: We were given our envelopes less than 30 minutes before getting on the bus to the airport.
Q: Were you told how much was in it?
A: We were told that there was $4500 in it.
Q: Who gave you the envelope of cash?
A: Left blank intentionally due to investigation.

This is consistent with information that I am hearing from my sources that GFA is under an investigation by multiple federal agencies.
Go read the entire interview. Initially, GFA claimed the cash carrying to India was legal and then later claimed ignorance of the law, saying their auditors had advised them to get cash to India by sending it in the backpacks of their School of Discipleship students.
Gospel for Asia was removed from membership in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability in October 2015 due to multiple violations of ECFA’s financial principles.