What Termination from ECFA Means for Gospel for Asia

Word out of Wills Point, TX (GFA’s HQ) is that GFA’s leadership is hoping to find a friendly reporter to bring forth a puff piece which will minimize the importance of losing membership in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.
That may be a hard sell.
In the past, GFA has relied on ECFA membership as a means of proving their financial integrity. To illustrate, consider these prior statements:

When GFA’s CFO David Carroll last wrote to me on May 7, 2015, he defended GFA by claiming that GFA adhered to ECFA’s guidelines:

No, Gospel for Asia has not violated the law.
When you first contacted us, I mentioned that we would not be able to respond to every question you put before us. Now, with the increased volume and frequency of your questions, it has become clear that this back and forth has become a distraction from our mission work. For this reason, this will be my final response. We understand that you will continue to explore issues around Gospel for Asia and continue to be fed accusations from former employees, and we accept that.
We continue to remain accountable to all applicable laws and regulations, to the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and to independent auditors.

Apparently, ECFA now disagrees that GFA was accountable.
Prior to Friday, the GFA website proclaimed:
What does it say about GFA that the seal may no longer be displayed?
By the way, I don’t look for the other seal to be there much longer.
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