Life Christian University and the Federal Definition of a Diploma Mill

Life Christian University is a school in Lutz, FL which awarded what school founder Douglas Wingate calls “earned degrees” to “big name” preachers who never attended the school. Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, and a host of other “distinguished degree holders” were given PhD degrees in recognition of their work. According to LCU, these degrees are earned.
Additionally, LCU’s requirements for a bachelor’s degree are much lower than at an accredited school. LCU doesn’t match the state requirements on how many hours a person should attend classes to get a degree.
LCU’s accreditation is with a group — Accreditation Commission International — that has a checkered past and allows LCU to simply add branch campuses without an accreditation visit. In fact, LCU switched to ACI for that reason. ACI is not recognized by the Department of Education as an acceptable accreditation body.
Now let’s look at the federal definition of a diploma mill:

‘‘(20) DIPLOMA MILL.—The term ‘diploma mill’ means an entity that—
‘‘(A)(i) offers, for a fee, degrees, diplomas, or certificates, that may be used to represent to the general public that the individual possessing such a degree, diploma, or certificate has completed a program of postsecondary education or training; and ‘‘(ii) requires such individual to complete little or no education or coursework to obtain such degree, diploma, or certificate; and
‘‘(B) lacks accreditation by an accrediting agency or association that is recognized as an accrediting agency or association of institutions of higher education (as such term is defined in section 102) by— ‘‘(i) the Secretary pursuant to subpart 2 of part H of title IV; or ‘‘(ii) a Federal agency, State government, or other organization or association that recognizes accrediting agencies or associations.

LCU’s degrees require much less work for achievement of a bachelor’s than the law demands for a traditional bachelor’s. And as we have learned, some degree recipients have an “earned degree” for no work whatsoever. LCU’s accrediting body (ACI) is not recognized by the Secretary or any other entity named in the law.
Let me be clear, LCU students do attend classes (3 hours/week). However, it would take about 12 years to get a degree at an accredited school while it only takes them 4 years and less if the degree is earned online. The PhD degrees to the distinguished degree holders are the main indicator of a diploma mill. These are given to people who don’t even attend the school.
For more on LCU, read these posts.
UPDATE: The state of Missouri responded to my complaint about Joyce Meyer’s fraudulent LCU degree. She has since started calling it an honorary degree.

Jewish Voice's Jonathan Bernis Goes Tin Foil Hat Over David Barton's The Jefferson Lies

Barton BernisI had a hard time with the title for this one.
In a video dated today but out last week, Trump supporting self-styled historian David Barton told a Jewish Voice audience that the Constitution contains the exact words of the Bible and that his book The Jefferson Lies corrects the record on Jefferson. Often Barton says The Jefferson Lies was pulled from publication by publisher Thomas Nelson because liberals and pagan professors were out to get him. However, the Jewish Voice promo for the book takes the conspiracy theory to a higher level. Watch:

After watching this video, now I understand that:
There is a secret plan to remove Christianity from American history. I am skeptical about this since Barton and now the Jewish Voice know about it. It can’t be a complete secret. Wait! Maybe they are in on it!
Thomas Jefferson based his leadership on the Hebrew Scriptures?! That seems to be a stretch since Jefferson didn’t think very highly of the Old Testament. For instance, he told William Short in 1820 that the Hebrew Scriptures weren’t inspired.

The whole religion of the Jews, inculcated on him from his [Jesus] infancy, was founded in the belief of divine inspiration. The fumes of the most disordered imaginations were recorded in their religious code, as special communications of the Deity; and as it could not but happen that, in the course of ages, events would now and then turn up to which some of these vague rhapsodies might be accommodated by the aid of allegories, figures, types, and other tricks upon words, they have not only preserved their credit with the Jews of all subsequent times, but are the foundation of much of the religions of those who have schismatised from them.

In the same letter, Jefferson also had this to say about Jehovah:

His [Jesus] object was the reformation of some articles in the religion of the Jews, as taught by Moses. That sect had presented for the object of their worship, a being of terrific character, cruel, vindictive, capricious and unjust.

The removal of The Jefferson Lies from publication was apparently a part of the secret plan to slander great men of faith. Reading the book will bring revival, according to Jonathan Bernis.
I must be an anti-Christian part of the plan, even though the plan was kept secret from me. I will have to ask John Fea, Thomas Kidd, and Gregg Frazer if they knew anything about it. I can tell you I will be pretty mad if I find out that I was involved in a secret plan and those guys didn’t say anything.
Everybody opposed to David Barton must be in on the plan and are anti-Christian.
If I give lots of money to Jewish Voice and buy The Jefferson Lies, then everything will be better.
Jewish Voice raked in over $30 million in 2014 so no wonder Barton wants to sell the book on the show. That will buy a lot of tin foil and pay Mr. Bernis just under $250k/year and allow for a $850k loan from Jewish Voice to Bernis to buy a house.

RE: Donald Trump – Norman Geisler Meet Ross Douthat

On 9/28, evangelical author and professor Norman Geisler told Christianity Today readers why he supports Trump.  Dr. Geisler meet Ross Douthat who yesterday wrote why he doesn’t support Trump.
I am with Douthat in that a very necessary part of making a determination is to consider the type of president Mr. Trump would make based on his actions now. Since Geisler wrote, Trump has gone on an early morning tweeting binge targeting a former Miss Universe. Also, we have learned that he appeared in a porno and may not have paid federal income taxes for nearly two decades.
Face it, Douthat is right. It doesn’t matter what good policies Trump says he supports (there are a few) if he doesn’t have the skills or personality to bring them to pass. He showed this earlier this year with his tweet battle with the Mexican president. At issue then was the fictional wall. Wait until it is what to do about North Korea or Russia or Iran.

Scholars and Writers Even More for America. Who's With Us?

I am stealing an idea from Alan Noble. I think he is okay with it.
A new group has emerged for America. Scholars and Writers for America are supporting Donald Trump. Well, that’s nice that they are for America. But I don’t feel like being “for America” is enough. As someone who is not supporting Trump, I declare that I am Even More for America than people who are just “For America.” Ready to be Even More for America? Join us. Leave your name and affiliation (for identification purposes only, we just want to be able to identify you) in the comments and then everyone with know that you are Even More for America.
scholars for A
Be Even More for America and join us.