RE: Donald Trump – Norman Geisler Meet Ross Douthat

On 9/28, evangelical author and professor Norman Geisler told Christianity Today readers why he supports Trump. ┬áDr. Geisler meet Ross Douthat who yesterday wrote why he doesn’t support Trump.
I am with Douthat in that a very necessary part of making a determination is to consider the type of president Mr. Trump would make based on his actions now. Since Geisler wrote, Trump has gone on an early morning tweeting binge targeting a former Miss Universe. Also, we have learned that he appeared in a porno and may not have paid federal income taxes for nearly two decades.
Face it, Douthat is right. It doesn’t matter what good policies Trump says he supports (there are a few) if he doesn’t have the skills or personality to bring them to pass. He showed this earlier this year with his tweet battle with the Mexican president. At issue then was the fictional wall. Wait until it is what to do about North Korea or Russia or Iran.