Trump University Court Documents Reveal Art of the Hard Sell

I have been reading (and cringing) through the court documents related to the Trump University fraud case. They do not paint a flattering picture of the failed educational venture. Mainly with this post, I want to link to the site where the documents are archived and encourage readers to explore the business dealings of the presumptive GOP nominee.
Searchable Trump University Documents
Just a nibble of what’s there. What should a Trump U. seminar salesman do if the potential buyer wants to discuss the matter first with a spouse? Buy it first, then talk.
The whole approach is to do anything possible to separate the person from their money. Tell the audience Trump hand picked you when in fact he didn’t and so on.
When one adds in Trumps donations to state AGs who didn’t pursue a fraud case against Trump U., I think this case is poison for Trump’s chances in the general election.