Mark Driscoll's The Trinity Church Will Host First Meeting on Easter Sunday

When Mark Driscoll ran Mars Hill Church, Easter Sunday was a big deal on the church calendar. It is no surprise then that the first gathering of The Trinity Church will be on Easter Sunday in their new/old location.
trinity church bldg
Here is the announcement just sent a little while ago.

Our New Church Family Has an Old Church Home!

A church building with a rich past will serve as the new home of our future church. Pastor Mark Driscoll is excited to announce that The Trinity Church will host its first ever gathering at 5pm on Easter Sunday March 27, 2016, at the Glass and Garden Drive-In Church in Scottsdale, Arizona!
In time, we look forward to launching The Trinity Church. In the meantime, we did not want to pass up this historic opportunity to gather for the first time on the 50-year anniversary of the landmark building, which opened on Easter 1966. Even though it’s last minute, as the ink on our rental contract is still wet, we look forward to meeting you at our modest open house and prayer meeting. Pastor Mark will be sharing our church vision as we begin gathering our launch team.

About the Drive-In Church:

Pastor Goulooze and architect E. Logan Campbell designed the Glass and Garden Drive-In Church in the mid-century modern style of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The goal to build the 1,400 seat church and adjacent drive-in movie theater began on 7 acres. This drive-in church is likely the only one of its kind in Arizona. Today, the drive-in is gone, although the church remains on 4.55 acres and was named one of the “10 Coolest Churches” by local media.

You see more pics and read more about the facility here. Last Sunday was the last service in the facility for Living Word Bible Church Scottsdale. This coming Sunday (3/13) Living Word will hold their first service in a local Marriott Hotel while they build elsewhere.