David Barton Condemns Guilt By Association Now That Ted Cruz Is The Target

Once upon a time, Ted Cruz Super PAC head David Barton believed Marco Rubio’s gay-marriage-supporting staff would cause Rubio problems with conservatives.
Now that Ted Cruz is being associated with dominionists and Pentecostals by Matt Drudge, Barton now thinks guilt by association is “ridiculous.” This evening, Barton was featured in a damage control piece at Cruz Net Daily:

Barton condemned any use of “guilt by association” tactics on the Right, by anyone, and was equally critical of similar attacks that might be levied against Trump, Marco Rubio and other candidates.
“Look at Rubio’s funders; so many of them are supporters of gay marriage,” said Barton as an example. “So do we read into that that Rubio is a pusher of gay marriage? No, that’s not a fair read. You’ve got 330 million people in the United States. Are we going to look at every voter who might vote for Trump, or Rubio, or Cruz, or for Kasich and say, ‘Well, look at what this voter believes, that’s ridiculous.’

Recently, Barton did not object to Bryan Fischer’s negative characterization of Rubio’s staff who support gay marriage. Watch:

A little closer to home for me is Barton’s love of guilt by association when he attempts to discredit my debunking of The Jefferson Lies. About me, he told World Net Daily:

Reflective of the change in Throckmorton’s overall philosophy is the fact that he currently writes for the progressive Huffington Post,[22] even though in 2008, he attacked that site as being part of the “far Left.”[23] He also now regularly contributes to Salon,[24] another of the nation’s most progressive and liberal news organizations. Furthermore, two of the nation’s most secular groups, “Americans United for Separation of Church and State” and People for the American Way’s “Right Wing Watch” praise Throckmorton’s current writings and cite him as an expert in promulgating their beliefs.

Barton says I am a liberal because I have written for HuffPo and Salon (and it is a stretch to say I ever “regularly” contributed to Salon). He has to turn me into a liberal to sell his false narrative about The Jefferson Lies being the victim of liberal attacks. As I have written previously here, that story is false.  For the purpose of defending his book, guilt by association is Barton’s operating procedure.
On the specific point of Cruz’s beliefs, I wish reporters would ask him about his various “anointings.” His religion is not a Constitutional barrier to seeking office but his beliefs might make some people think twice about voting for him. Given the views of his advisors (including his father), it is only fair to know how he believes those beliefs will guide him as president.