New Petition Calls for an Investigation of Mars Hill Church by Washington's Attorney General

Earlier tonight, Stephanie Drury posted a petition calling for the Washington state Attorney General to launch an investigation into the finances and closing of Mars Hill Church.
Drury’s petition begins:

Following a string of revelations about the personal and financial conduct of its leadership, Mars Hill Church has never fully addressed how millions in donated funds were spent since it ceased operations in January 2015.

The petition ends:

Because protecting the public from donor fraud is within the jurisdiction of a state attorney general’s office, we request that the Washington State Attorney General open an investigation to learn if millions in donor funds were used as intended by the donors.

Mars Hill’s current leaders have been so secretive about where the money’s going that I support this. The MH lawyers telling Sutton Turner not to relate how donor money was spent at a church is unbelievable. I believe the lack of transparency has brought this on and should generate concern from the AG’s office.