A New Story from Gospel for Asia About Where Millions of Donations Went in 2013

In their 2013 audit, Gospel for Asia said $58.5 million was sent to Gospel for Asia – India in 2013. See below:

However, in public records in India, only about $6 million was reported received by Gospel for Asia – India. Gospel for Asia Canada reported about $15 million sent to India in 2013. Nothing was reported as coming from Canada in the public records in India. Although unreported in the audit, GFA also sent millions of dollars to NGOs in India, Believers’ Church, Love India Ministry, and Last Hour Ministry. Counting those funds, the total accounted for goes to about $37 million.  Thus, about $21 million is unaccounted for from the U.S. office. The figure grows to $36 million if one adds the Canadian money which doesn’t show up anywhere in India. Another analysis looking at income from all sources worldwide estimates about $47 million unaccounted for in 2013.

The bottom line is that the funds that GFA claimed to send from the U.S. and Canada do not show up in the Indian records available. Despite repeated requests, GFA has never offered an explanation.

Until recently.

A person concerned about GFA spoke to a representative by phone and asked for information about the unaccounted for funds. The GFA representative told the caller that my blog posts had only found and reported the amounts given in the Indian state of Kerala. According to my source, the GFA rep said my figures did not include funds sent by GFA to NGOs in other Indian states.

So I checked the other states. I looked through the reports in every state for donations to Believers’ Church, Gospel for Asia, Love India Ministry, or Last Hour Ministry. I even looked for Bridge of Hope, Operation Mobilization and Good Shepherd Church (OM-India and GSC are friendly to GFA in India and have received small grants from GFA). I found nothing. No funds were sent from GFA-US or Canada to these organizations in any other Indian state according to public records available.

So now, back to you GFA. This really should be easy. You said in your audit that you sent $58.5 million to GFA-India. However, GFA-India reported only about $6 million. Why didn’t you report the related party transactions which went to Believers’ Church, Love India Ministry and Last Hour Ministry? And where are the funds that don’t show up in the records of any of the four NGOs?

This should not be hard. Remember, it isn’t your money.