John Piper on Mark Driscoll and Satan's Win in Seattle

Back in April, John Piper appeared on the podcast of Westside Church in Vancouver, British Columbia. His interviewer was Westside’s lead pastor Norm Funk. Yesterday, Piper’s Desiring God ministry posted the section of the podcast where Piper answered a question about Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church. Watch:
Piper says everybody makes mistakes, and admits Mars Hill’s demise was a defeat for the gospel, Driscoll, reformed theology, evangelicalism and complementarianism and a win for Satan.
Funk asks good questions about people who are demoralized and broken as the result of being — these are my words now — run over by the bus. Piper contends one can’t follow Jesus and walk away from the church. I do wonder here if Piper is mistaking the spiritual body with brick and mortar.
As Driscoll networks with word of faith and charismatic elements of Christianity, the loss experienced by Driscoll’s former ideological mates becomes clearer.