Brian Houston Publishes Interview with Mark and Grace Driscoll

Apparently, the interview was placed on Houston’s website on July 28.

It has been posted at Vimeo (see the end of the post)*

This is old news to those who followed the story when the video was shown at the Sydney conference. I have good audio for the interview, but the video has more people paying attention.

A transcript of the interview is here (not flawless but a good effort).

At the same time as the video has been posted, Driscoll announced that he has moved to Phoenix.

Houston has done Driscoll a huge favor with this interview. It will be interesting to see if Driscoll plants a church in a city where Hillsong has a significant presence. In fact, Hillsong purchased a building Mars Hill once considered for the Phoenix expansion. Mars Hill launched Mars Hill Phoenix in 2014 which later became Phoenix Bible Church later that year.

The link for the video was here but it was taken down later in July, 2015.