Indian Newspaper: Gospel for Asia and Believers' Church Threaten Newspaper, Claim Defamation of the Metropolitan

This seems like an odd way to evangelize.
I can’t read the Malayalam but the English indicates that GFA-India and Believers’ Church are threatening (or have filed, I can’t tell for sure) a defamation suit against a paper in Kerala India (“Breaking News Weekly”). If this is accurate, GFA-India and Believers’ Church are demanding $15.7 million for defamation which includes calling K.P. Yohannan by his name instead of referring to him as Metropolitan Bishop.
I am seeking a translation but for now here is the “legal notice” according to the paper.
Defamation suit1
Defamation suit2
Note that the letter says calling K.P. Yohannan by his name is defamation. He apparently is to be addressed as Metropolitan Bishop. The next two pages pull out Malayalam passages from the paper which GFA/Believers’ Church believe to be defamation. Here is page three and four. Page five is below.
Defamation suit3 Defamation suit4 Defamation suit5
This is all that was provided by the Indian newspaper. The amount demanded in U.S. dollars is $15.7 million (100 Crores). The lawyer wants that sum in 7 days.
If this is true, it won’t be the first time GFA/Believers Church have sued in India. You can use this website to read cases where GFA has been sued and has sued various parties in India.