Glenn Beck Says David Barton Has a PhD, Barton Says He Doesn't

Right Wing Watch’s Kyle Mantyla picked up on Glenn Beck’s claim last week that David Barton had a PhD in Education.  Mantyla remembered that Barton once said he didn’t have a PhD. Watch the video:
So yes, Mr. Beck, Barton is a guy who thinks he knows history.
In the clip above, Barton talks about a book in which he was involved where he claimed to debunk his fellow PhD authors on chaplains at the University of Virginia. Check out these posts (here and here) which school him back.
When Brian Williams embellished his biography to the public, it was a major story and Williams lost his job. However, in Glennbeckistan, where the truth goes to die, fraudulent credentials are handed out and people who mislead you and your audience with pretend history are brilliant.