UK Evangelical Blog Calls for Forgiveness for Mark Driscoll

Sunday, Threads, a young looking UK evangelical blog, posted a call from Alex Willmott for people everywhere to forgive Mark Driscoll.
Mr. Willmott wants forgiveness for something he did so he naturally thought of Mark Driscoll. Or something like that.
It is pretty funny actually. To wit:

Time to make some enemies now. Mark Driscoll. He brought the Bible to life for millions of people. He said some really important things. He then said some really stupid things. He caused a lot of hurt. He then said sorry. He probably is sorry. It doesn’t matter though. He may as well have shot a thousand dolphins out of a cannon made of elephant tusks while wearing a SS Gestapo uniform with the words ‘I’m glad Mufasa died’ written all over it.
We’ve written him off. Yes, we believe that Peter could be forgiven for denying Jesus three times. Yes, we believe that King David could be restored despite pretty much breaking all of the commandments. Yes, we also believe that we can all be forgiven for all the horrible things we’ve placed on the throne of our lives. But him?! That vile dolphin shooting bastard. Not a chance. He’s a sexist!

Oh my, can I forgive him for defining the Mars Hill situation so poorly? If only that is what Mark Driscoll and his friends did.
Willmot then confesses he is using poor unforgiven Mark Driscoll for his own purposes.

As you can tell by my bullish, sarcastic tones, this is a subject that is close to my heart. And the reason for this is because I’m currently awaiting forgiveness. It’s a weird place to be in. I wrote something that offended a large part of a charismatic community. I’ve since been written about, gossiped about and I’m currently being avoided at all costs by a few people who once called me a close friend. Sadly, the word ‘Sorry’ doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. Driscoll has proven that; that Mufasa-murdering, unschooled churl of a man. I too have seen my attempts of an apology cast to one side like gone off fruit. I’ve tried, and I’ll try again.

In this paragraph we find that Driscoll didn’t just wear a tee-shirt, he actually killed Mufasa.
Writing an article people disagree with is not necessarily an offense. I don’t know what to do with an article like this except say that it seems to be more about the author than the subject and I hope Mr. Willmott* finds willing forgivers among any people he has actually wronged. Having talked to numerous people who live in Seattle, I feel confident that Mark Driscoll would find willing forgivers if he asked.
*I corrected the spelling of Mr. Willmott’s name, hope he will forgive me.