Wait, What? Moments from the Right and Left

Earlier today I saw this tweet:

Wait, what?
I replied that it was unbelievable and that I would like to see evidence. So far, community organizer Zach Green hasn’t provided anything on his twitter feed. It sounds too good to be true. Thus, evidence is needed.
Just a bit ago, Right Wing Watch posted David Barton’s newest claim: President Obama has “publicly leaked” Israeli intelligence to the Muslim Brotherhood seven times. Watch:
As Right Wing Watch’s Kyle Mantyla points out, there is no evidence, nor does Barton take into account evidence which would argue against his conclusion.

As usual, Barton did not actually provide any evidence to support this claim other than his own “research,” so it is impossible to know what he is even referencing or how he would explain the millions of dollars in U.S. aid to the al-Sisi government in Egypt, which has vowed to destroy the Muslim Brotherhood.

I suspect such leaks would be illegal and the charges are reckless. I want proof of that. Probably Brian Williams has the story but he is on break right now. So Barton is going to have to step up and provide the proof.
Wait, what?