Gateway Church Pastor Robert Morris: Jesus is God's Tithe and You Might Need to Downsize to Tithe

The man God asks ‘would that be all right with you?’ (according to Jack Hayford), Robert Morris, is teaching on tithing right now at Gateway Church. In the most important message of The Blessed Life series (his words), Morris says Jesus is God’s tithe and invites his congregation to sell stuff to give to the church.
First Jesus is God’s Tithe.

Jesus gets demoted in this teaching. Instead of Jesus being the “fullness of the Godhead bodily,” (Col. 2:9), He is God’s ten percent offering. A question I have is: To whom is God giving His tithe?
Near the end of the sermon, Morris tells his flock that they may need to sell some things to get things right.
“Maybe you need to make some lifestyle changes to do it, maybe you need to sell something to do it, or downsize to do it,” Morris pleads, “Bring it to the house of God.”
I don’t believe we are under the Old Testament law as Christians so I reject teaching on tithing as a legalistic commitment. Morris’ teaching elevates tithing to a requirement which triggers God’s hand. Tithe and you have the Blessed Life. According to Morris, tithing is so important that God used the atonement to teach that God wants your money.
I suspect it does cost a lot to keep up the Retreat Center at Possum Kingdom maintained by the Robert Morris Evangelistic Association.
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