Lots of Similar Retweets on the Mars Hill Letter to the Editor

A letter to the editor was published in the Seattle Times in defense of Mars Hill today. My point now is not to discuss or debate the contents of the letter; regular readers should be able to see the factual problems. I am glad the Times prints letter with a variety of opinions. Discuss it if you want in the comments.
What seems odd is what was happening on Twitter with the link. Many of the accounts don’t appear to be legit or at least they seem suspicious. Note the repetitive nature of them in this screen cap. TwitterLetterEditor Take this one for instance: twitterbedjy The account follows no one, only has 16 followers but 103k tweets.  A search for witch hunt and mars hill finds a lot of accounts like this. I don’t know what to make of it, but like a lot of issues surrounding this story, it is interesting, and you never know where something will lead. Does anyone have any ideas? Can retweets be purchased? And if so, what good would it do?