Seattle News Coverage of Mars Hill/Mark Driscoll Saga

After the release of the letter from nine current Mars Hill Church pastors, local Seattle news gave an account of the letter related fallout. One of the pastors, Mark Dunford, an unpaid elder, was relieved of his duties and then reported by the networks there. Below are the video accounts:

This is an amazing segment. The reporter located Driscoll’s “million dollar home” (it really did cost over a million dollars) and used the intercom to attempt to speak to Driscoll. Driscoll (it certainly sounded like Driscoll) answered, “Sorry, wrong address, I don’t know.” Eventually the police were called and the reporter left.
King5 also did a segment. Watch:

I’m not sure everything in these reports is factually spot on, but part of the reason for that is the way Mars Hill leaders have engaged questions of public interest. All the deflection and lack of transparency is backfiring with the church now becoming known for the mysteries they are hiding rather than ones they are supposed to be proclaiming.