Petition Calls On Mars Hill Church Leaders to Follow the Call of Nine Current Elders (UPDATED)

At, former Mars Hill Church member Dave Lester has posted a petition calling on the remaining current elders to heed the advice contained in the letter posted yesterday written by nine of their peers.
When a person signs the petition, an email is delivered to a subset of the current elders which reads:

Michael van Skaik, Chairman – Mars Hill Church Board
Thomas Hurst, Pastor – Mars Hill Church
Ed Choi, Pastor – Mars Hill Church
Donovan Mediina, Pastor – Mars Hill Church
Matthew Wallace, Pastor – Mars Hill Church
Seth Winterhalter, Pastor – Mars Hill Church
Bubba Jennings, Pastor – Mars Hill Church
David Fairchild, Pastor – Mars Hill Church
Tim Smith, Pastor – Mars Hill Church
Aaron Gray, Pastor – Mars Hill Church
Alex Ghioni, Pastor – Mars Hill Church
The nine elders at Mars Hill Church have stood up as men of God. These men were chosen by the rigorous Mars HIll Church elder process and proven men of character. They are moving to protect the flock and need to be heeded. Please listen and support these brave pastors calling for repentance and transparency among the Mars Hill Senior Leadership


After being posted last evening, the petition has 118 172 signers. People referring to themselves as former and current members are signing on to the petition.

The letter released yesterday and signed by the nine current elders* is arguably the most internal resistance demonstrated since 2007 when Paul Petry and Bent Meyer were fired, shamed, and later shunned.  The petition urges support for the elders and the position outlined in their August 22nd letter.  The letter signers (with Twitter addresses and positions) are:

Pastor Dustin Kensrue (@dustinkensrue) – Director of Worship / Worship Pastor at Mars Hill Bellevue
Pastor Drew Hensley (@drewchensley) – Lead Pastor at Mars Hill U-District Pastor
Pastor Mark Dunford (@haudi_pardner) – Pastor at Mars Hill Portland;
Pastor Ryan Kearns (@Ryan_Kearns) – Director of Community Groups/Pastor at Mars Hill Bellevue
Pastor Ryan Welsh (@pastorryanwelsh) – Pastor of Theology and Discipleship
Pastor Adam Ramsey (@adamramsey) –  Director of Student Ministry / Pastor at Mars Hill Bellevue
Pastor Cliff Ellis (@Cliffellis) – Director of Biblical Living / Pastor at Mars Hill West Seattle
Pastor Gary Shavey (@shavedawg) – Pastor of Biblical Living at Mars Hill Bellevue
Pastor James Rose (@jnrose3) – Pastor at Mars Hill Ballard
*Even though one elder, Mark Dunford, was let go as an unpaid elder at Mars Hill Portland, I still refer to “nine current elders” because at the time the letter was sent, all nine were active as elders in the church. The other elders are employed by the church.