Former Mars Hill Church Staffer Speaks Out

Earlier today, I posted volunteer pastor Matt Rogers’ note in response to the Mars Hill Church demonstration. Not long after I received Rogers’ commentary, I received the following email. Clearly Rogers likes where he is and thinks people should just trust their leaders.  The following person left Mars Hill within the last two years and is not yet comfortable being named in print. However, I have verification of the person’s identity. It is hard to believe that Mr. Rogers and this person are talking about the same place, but they are.

Hi Warren,
As a former employee, I experienced firsthand the culture of fear, destruction and lives affected on many levels.  When I see people defending Mark Driscoll on Facebook, when I see the manipulation and regurgitation, my heart breaks.  I desire for people’s eyes to be opened – to think for themselves and take an honest look at what is being presented and said.  I don’t want others to go through the same abuse that I and others went through.  If something I can share with you, whether new information or perhaps filling in some blanks, can help spare heartache for others down the road – that would be amazing.
Thank you for your time.  I look forward to connecting.

One is saying trust me, the other is saying the trust was broken.
The turnover at Mars Hill over the past two years is far greater than for most non-profits. The average turnover rate is about 15%. As I noted previously, over 40 elders have left since late 2011. There are about 60 elders so the rate is quite high compared to non-profits.