The Political Shenanigans of Michael Peroutka and David Whitney in Maryland

Our old friends Michael Peroutka and David Whitney are up to some shenanigans in Maryland.
Since we last looked in on the Christian reconstructionist, Constitution-bending duo, Institute on the Constitution founder Peroutka apparently was evicted from or quit the board of the League of the South. The League isn’t saying and Peroutka doesn’t respond to emails so we may never know what happened. Lead IOTC teacher David Whitney is still chaplain of the MD branch of the League so the lost cause lives at the IOTC.
In addition, Michael Peroutka is running as a Republican for Anne Arundel County (MD) Council and David Whitney is running for the same office as a Democrat. Whitney is also seeking a seat on the Democratic Party’s Central Committee while Peroutka wants to be on the GOP committee. A neo-Confederate, Whitney apparently wants to take the Democrats back to their Civil War positions. Who knows what Peroutka is thinking.
Peroutka didn’t even make it a year on the League board. At the 2013 League conference, he dedicated the work of the IOTC to the League and pledged his personal resources as well.
Of course, these guys aren’t serious candidates. They may be hoping to fool enough voters to get past the June 24 primary, but I doubt they will succeed. I imagine Peroutka could make a case that he aligns with certain elements within the GOP (tea party) but Whitney is another story. Whitney, a minister, appears to be bearing false witness in an obvious manner. There just isn’t a neo-Confederate, anarchist wing of the Democratic party.
Some Republicans are speaking out against Peroutka. Red State Maryland did an extensive backgrounder on Peroutka and the IOTC which quoted the Cato Institute’s Walter Olson.
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