David Barton spins the Jefferson Lies on Glenn Beck, Part 2

Sunday, I posted video of David Barton telling Glenn Beck that Jefferson’s 1804 extraction of verses from the Gospels contained miracles. Here again is the video and then the relevant transcription follows:


In the clip, Barton tells Beck that Jefferson included lots of miracles in his 1804 effort to extract from the Gospels what Jefferson said was “evidently his [Jesus’].” Barton said Jefferson included verses where

Jesus is raising people from the dead, he’s healing the sick, he’s casting out lepers(?), he’s taking food and multiplying for thousands. He also talks about the resurrection, heaven, hell, the second coming. It’s all there.

Jefferson believed in an afterlife and so the verses about people being judged on the basis of their works are not in dispute. We take up the nuances of Jefferson’s beliefs about the afterlife in our book, Getting Jefferson Right.

We also examine in great detail Barton’s claims in The Jefferson Lies that Jefferson included miracles in the 1804 version. For now, I want to provide images of the verses that Jefferson used to guide his work for his 1804 extraction. The original “wee little book” has not been preserved and so there are some verses that are disputed but we can say for sure that Matthew 9 (raising Jairus’ daughter, and healings) are not in the 1804 version as Barton claims in The Jefferson Lies. Also, the feedings of the 5,000 and 4,000 are not in Jefferson’s Gospel extraction (neither 1804 nor 1820) as he claims here. I have no idea where Barton gets these claims.

Here are the tables (click on them to enlarge):

It takes work to go through all of these, but I can save you some time. Jesus is not raising people from the dead or feeding thousands in either one of Jefferson’s extractions.

Glenn Beck’s slogan for his show is: The Truth Lives Here. During this episode, the truth visited somewhere else.