Barton spins the Jefferson Lies on Glenn Beck

If you have been reading here for very long, you should be able to find the problems with Barton’s narratives here about Jefferson and his extractions from the Gospels. It is almost painful to listen to the distortions and falsehoods in this clip:

Jefferson gave his extraction to missionaries to give to the Indians?

Really, which missionaries? Where did those missionaries take Jefferson’s work? To what tribes? Where is your proof of that?

When Glenn Beck says, “unbelievable” – that may be the only true thing said in this clip.

In this clip, at 6:56, Barton referred to a Scotch preacher who preached a sermon which called for the simple teachings of Jesus to be given to the Indians. Barton said this sermon prompted Jefferson to created his first extraction in 1804. In Barton’s book, the sermon is identified as by Rev. William Bennet, titled “The Excellence of Christian Morality: A Sermon Preached before the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge, at their Anniversary meeting, June 6, 1799.

Here is a link to the Google eBook of that sermon. Readers, be peer reviewers for Mr. Barton. Read Bennet’s sermon and see if you can find any reference to Indians at all. Or any reference to doing an abridgment of the Gospels to give to the Indians. Please let me know what you find.

It is coming. Soon. Getting Jefferson Right.