Ugandan MPs Cheer Introduction of Original Anti-gay Bill

Uganda’s Monitor and government backed New Vision both report this morning that MPs cheered when David Bahati re-introduced the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. According to the New Vision:

There was excitement at Parliament Tuesday afternoon after the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2009 was re-tabled for consideration.

Parliament resumed business on Tuesday after over a month of recess.

MPs applauded as Ndorwa West MP David Bahati took to the floor to re-introduce the controversial Bill for reference to the appropriate committee.

After re-tabling the Bill, MPs both on the ruling side and the opposition gave Bahati a standing ovation.

“Our Bill, our man,” the legislators chanted.

This is perhaps the clearest sign yet of the intentions of Parliament to pass the bill over the objections of the Executive branch and donor partners.

The Monitor report has the MPs shouting something a little different (Our bill, our kids) but the same enthusiasm for jailing and hanging gays remains.

BBC Report Wrong on Death Penalty Removal

As an aside, the BBC just can’t seem to get their reporting right. They again are reporting that the death penalty has been removed from the bill. Yesterday, Parliament spokeswoman Helen Kadaga told me that the bill was the same as was introduced in 2009. Bahati has said he would be open to removing the death penalty but this has never been done. In a 2011 report done by the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee, the death penalty remained in the bill.

This morning I got additional confirmation that the original bill without amendments was introduced yesterday from Charles Tuhaise, Parliamentary Research Service staffer. Tuhaise said that all proposed changes to a Bill are first brought to the floor of Parliament where they are debated by the MPs. Any revisions are accepted to a bill after a majority votes in support of the revision. For now, the original bill is with the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee without amendment.


Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill to be Tabled in Parliament Today – UPDATED

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