Girls and boys are protected by law in Uganda

Some defenders of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda say that the bill is needed to cover instances of same-sex defilement. However, as this news report demonstrates, police are able to arrest those who commit crimes against boys or girls.


A primary school teacher in Luweero District has been arrested over allegations of sodomy.

The teacher, names withheld for legal reasons, is accused of having sexual relations with three male pupils from one school. According to a Police report, three sodomy cases implicating the teacher were reported in February.

The suspect recorded a statement and got released on Police bond. He later jumped bond and hid at Buvuma Islands, Lake Victoria until Wednesday when Police got hold of him again.

Central Region Police spokesman, Lameck Kigozi, said the suspect was arrested at Katosi Landing Site in Buikwe District. He had just alighted from a ferry. “He is detained at Luweero Police Station and we have preferred charges of unnatural offences. His file has been taken to the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice,” Mr Kigozi said on Thursday.

Recently police arrested another teacher for sodomising two girls. The latest police crime statistics show that over 120 people are sodomised annually. This means in every three days a person is sodomised in the country.

Tragic as they are, both men and women commit the crimes and the law is sufficient to address the perpetrators.