Canyon Ridge Christian Church in conversation with Martin Ssempa

In response to the Current TV documentary, Missionaries of Hate, Canyon Ridge Christian Church (Las Vegas, NV) today issued this statement to me regarding their mission partner, Martin Ssempa.

The mission partners of Canyon Ridge Christian Church are more than just names on a bulletin board or a web site, they are our dearly loved friends and family. Because of this, we take seriously our commitment to them.   When accusations or ill reports come to us about one of our partners and their ministry activities, we’re committed to do what the Bible instructs us to do; we go to our partners (when possible, going to see them face to face) and work through the issues with them personally. We don’t make public statements about our partners until we have worked through issues with them personally and brought those issues to resolution. We have been and are currently in conversation with Martin Ssempa and others regarding the controversy in Uganda and his activities in addressing it.

Martin Ssempa was featured prominently in Missionaries of Hate showing deviant porn to a stunned audience. He is shown praying with Islamic clerics for David Bahati, the author of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. This statement seems to move slightly away from their earlier position which was:

Canyon Ridge Christian Church partners with missionaries and ministry leaders around the world, including Martin Ssempa, for the purpose of reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and providing humanitarian aid where possible.


With the oversight of our elders and missions team, we constantly evaluate our ministry partners and their activities. We will only support those who engage in and promote activities consistent with the redemptive and grace-filled purposes of Jesus Christ in the world.


Canyon Ridge Christian Church does not wish to enter into the debate over the legislation in Uganda. We do encourage those involved to seek God’s leadership in humility and grace and to follow Jesus command to love one another as they wrestle with this difficult issue. Our prayers are for the good of the people Uganda.

It seems to me that Canyon Ridge has entered the debate through their mission partner. He has become one of the public faces of the bill around the world and has recently partnered with Islamic clerics on a renewed effort to promote the bill.

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  1. Having found that a church I was so comfortable in learning about the love a guidance and tolerance of God, I am a shamed to have been in the very forum that would condemn my beautiful and loving gay son. By standing with all of you praying for forgiveness and guidance and the belief that we were all equal, I’m truly saddened. Who are you to judge! I guess its okay for you to watch porno and degrade women for your enjoyment, or the drink and drug until you have nothing left, cheating on their wives or husbands without any shame? I could go on about the weaknesses of people, but to condemn someone who is born to be an amazing artist with many talents that you could never achieve in your whole lifetime because they are attracted and safe sexually with the same sex. Sorry but it is something that is real. Some abuse it, but most just want love and relationships like you and me.

    Understand, you are not God. And where in the bible does it say to condemn anyone!!!! ?

  2. I’m South African and very proudly African! Sadly though, this rather primitive “kill the gay” anti-gay campaign and narrow minded thinking and judging, is exactly what makes Africa look so backward and Christianity so unappealing! It takes me back to events such as the Crusades where precious lives that God intended to know Him where slain in the name of that same God! Africans, can you not remember a time – not all that long ago – when you and the rest of the world looked upon South Africa in abhorance for the way in which blacks where treated by whites; for the bills that allowed for the jailing of couples of cross culture? I thought the day was near when we as the Church would be able to look back and in the light of history and such events as the Crusades, say “Look how far we’ve come.” Clearly that day is still far off!

    To those who call themselves Christians in Uganda, and everywhere really, I would say this: Remember that how you act reflects on the Church globally. Your persecution of gays in Uganda effects the progress others may be making on the other side of the world in leading their gay friends/family/collegues or whomever, to Christ and ulitmately to the Holy Spirit who is the only one who can truly convict and bring change. You claim to be upholding the Word of God and Truth but did Jesus not also say this: “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” If this is how you show love, it’s no wonder so many want nothing to do with the Church!

    I can only hope and pray that globally, we who call ourselves followers of Jesus would be able to see and together be amazed at the grace that was given each of us, when we ALL were undeserving! And in light of that, live the lives of love that Jesus called us to.

  3. This Bill instigates mass murder and prejudice. For those of you supporting this bill, remember years ago there was a man in europe who believed certain people groups were also the scum of society-

    His name was Adolf Hitler and over six million jews, gypsies, poles, gays etc were gassed and murdered.

    This bill is the same.

    Those of you who support Ssempa are siding with evil. Jesus Christ would NOT approve.

  4. Wow Wycliffe,

    Sometimes I think I love hearing from people like you just because it is so easy to poke holes in your argument.

    List down the things that you are accusing Warren of… and then look closely in the mirror. You will see them, so well reflected, that you may actually miss that joke!

    See, I dont even claim to be a Christian, but your kind of ‘blindness’ reminds me of the Jesus’ pharisees, the one who was taking a stick out of anothers eyes when he had a log in his…. Very apt, that teacher, dont you think? He was no proffessor, but mate, even this non-believer salutes the timelessness of his lessons.

    So, Warren is promoting the ‘poop eating vice’?? Ugh!, I am one of the poop eaters… self confessed, and Ugandan too! would it be wrong to assay whether you are one of Ssempa’s Church people? Sigh, you must be.

    Maloba, shame on you…. see, a poop eater like me can look at your Christianity and laugh, because you make it a joke. And, as an African, I tell you that, different from what you sincerely believe, we gay Africans have always been around. Why do you feel the need to deny us? Are we so terrible?

    ha ha ha ha, Wycliffe….!

  5. Note to maloba wycliffe… Well it looks like you are judging Warren by calling him evil. So you might ask yourself the same questions.

    While Uganda is a sovereign nation with its own government.. we as Christians are part of the kingdom of God and are called to act as such. When someone who claims the name of Christ (ie. Ssempsa) does outrageous immoral things such as showing pornography in church it is right to call him on it. I do not see any claims by Warren that Ssempsa is evil. Nor do I see any judgement.

    The call to be like Christ does not begin and end with discussions about homosexuality. It involves the entire counsel of God as contained in the Bible. When Christians are hypocritical .. slander others .. or vilify a people group it is entirely appropriate for other Christians to call them out on it and say it is wrong. I am grateful for folks like Warren and others who are willing to do just that. As for judgement ..we, as Christians, have made such a mess of things at times that I would prefer to leave that for God …

  6. Warren i would like to ask a question. Since when and who did a ppoint you as judge to determine who Martin Ssempa or Canyon ridge should partner with? My analysis of your writings is that of a misguided, judgemental so called profesor with a sole evil agenda of promoting the pop eating vice. Am suprised that a profesor can’t deffereciate basic principles i.e positive attracts negative and male goes with female.

    Warren your efforts of isolating SSempa are sickening and sometimes whether you have any other thing to do apart from writing and speaking ill about him.

    Am a proud african with a reach heritage of family preservation. Not chance shall we ever bow or bend over to your so called human rights of homesexuality. If its a right in the west, in Africa its a taboo and a detestable abomination.

    Warren ope guide all your efforts to promoting sustainale agenda but not homesexuality.

  7. He [Ssempa] has become one of the public faces of the bill around the world….

    I think you left an ‘r’ out of that word.

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