Missionaries of Hate: Current TV documentary on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

It was slated to be released tomorrow night but is on Hulu now. I saw it over the weekend thanks to the Current TV folks. Watch it here and then watch it on Current TV tomorrow night. And then watch it again. For those of us who have followed this issue, it is important work in that it covers most of the many bases that make up this field.

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4 thoughts on “Missionaries of Hate: Current TV documentary on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill”

  1. I am a Christian and I do not support the gay lifestyle because God forbids it yet I disagree with this bill. We are supposed to be reaching to the lost by showing the love of Christ. We are not to judge. We know what the Word of God says and we are to share it but once we share it is up to the person to receive Christ and turn from their sin. Yes, I said sin. This lifestyle is a sin in the eyes of God just as lying, murdering, fornication, and stealing is.

    How can those lost in sin trust in a loving God when the ones who call on Him are using fear to preach the Gospel. To all Christians remember you were once lost in a world of sin and by God’s grace and mercy you received that precious gift of life. It seems to me that this pastor and the politicians who are calling themselves Christians are casting stones as if they haven’t sinned themselves.

    If these so-called Christians knew their Bibles then they would see where the Lord Jesus Christ said “as it was in the days of Lot, so shall it be when the Son of Man returns.” Jesus is saying what took place then will happen again in these last days. This can be found in Luke 17:29-30. But then again I am only 26 and maybe I am reading the wrong Bible.

    It seems to me this pastor is condemning people as if he was God almighty. Christ is the one who will sit on the great white throne and pass judgment. If this law is pass and maybe I am behind and the law has been passed but the bill should include any and all things that are an offense to God. Uganda would have to lock up or put to death all that lives there because everyone sins and God hates sin. Politicians lie. Lying is a sin. Therefore they should be imprisoned and I guess depending on how big is the lie.

    I weep and mourn for those in Uganda and my prayers go out to the people of this country: those lost in sin, the Christians that support such a bill, the Christians who disagree but are not taking a stand. May God have mercy on those that support such bill on that great day.

  2. Speaking of hate, Dr. Throckmorton is the subject of yet another attack on LaBarbera’s site. This time it is a piece authored by LaBarbera fan, Laurie Higgins.

    It is a sad fact that, whether in Uganda or here, Christians desperately need an enemy to fight and give their lives and their self-perception as “Christian soldiers” meaning. Satan plays the role of the permanent Enemy, but as he is both invisible and non-existent, he doesn’t fully serve the need. They need flesh and blood enemies, perceived as powerful and threatening. Jews served that purpose for a millennium, but that run has largely ended and gays have been drafted to take their place. That is why a group of people constituting 2% of the population, and whose main political goals are to get married and serve in the military, is transmogrified into a mortal threat to children and Western Civilization. IMO, Dr. Throckmorton’s newfound elevation to satanic status makes him an honorary gay.

  3. Unfortunately we can’t watch this in Uganda. I have tried on Hulu website and failed.

  4. Over a year has passed.

    Exodus still refuses to adopt and post official policies against criminalization and forced “treatment”.

    Over a year has passed.

    Alan Chambers still refuses to “apologize for going anywhere near such a horrible conference” — as he claimed on this blog that he would “loved to have done more than anything”.

    Dishonest. Shameful. Evil.

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