Nothing brings Christians and Muslims together in Uganda like Plan B

This report is a little hard to follow but it sounds like a few Christians met with a large group of Muslims to celebrate Sharia law when it comes to gays.

I have been wondering where Martin Ssempa has been and it appears he was just taking a break. He is here networking with his Islamic brothers to praise the way they do it in Iran and Gambia. I don’t believe I have seen any news reports of this rally. If anyone reading has a report I missed, let me know.

UGANDA: Sheiks Ranch Anti-Homosexuality Campaign

Uganda national sheikhs task force against homosexuality ranched its campaign against homosexuality with help of national Muslim Dawa association of Uganda.

After the advocates for anti gay bill realized it might not succeed, Uganda national sheikh task force against homosexuality ranched a serious campaign against homosexuality in Uganda.

The rally attracted over 300 people mostly Muslims at crock tower stadium on Entebbe road.

Muslims at the anti gay rally held on 23rd may 2010 in Kampala

They had invited various leading politicians like Minister of Ethics Nsaba buturo, the bill mover in parliament Hon .bahati, Inspector general of police Kale Kayihura, religious leaders among others who did not turn up due to pressure from international community. 

Pastor male rubbished the anti gay bill explaining that they had initially requested for commission of inquiry into homosexuality instead bahati and his group hijacked them by introducing the anti gay bill with clauses they knew community and external World will definitely resist and hence rejecting the bill.

Among the articles he mentioned is the death penalty, HIV /Aids testing, compulsory reporting and confidentiality clause which allows the courts of law to hear such cases in camera yet the press has been very instrumental in exposing homosexuality as a vice. He also went on to say that the constitution of Uganda needs amendment since it allows privacy of individuals meaning that it’s very hard to track homosexuals in their houses.

He assured the audience that Uganda has a similar law in the penal code like in Malawi. He praised the Malawi government for imprisonment of the two gay activist. He says it’s instead the government, police and the judiciary to put this in practice like how it happened in Malawi. He attacked police which usually turn against victims and instead harass them on reporting homosexuals and their acts. He cited examples like pastor kayanja’s case.

Among others who attended included sheikh kaketo who reminded the audience how and why Allah created a man and woman.

He called upon the government to enact laws that protect the values in the community for better governance of our country.

Sheikh Mbabari cautioned the audience to desist from acts that will fall them into victims and turn way from religious values.

Pastor sempa defended the anti gay bill in parliament. He called upon the house to debate the bill and see which articles are unnecessary and go ahead to pass it into law. 

He went ahead to explain the four stages how homosexuals penetrate the country.

Tolerance, equal rights, minority right and lastly is special privilege.

He deliberated how many Ugandans flock Dubai as business community yet all are homosexual sex workers. He rubbished the western community and world leaders like obama that Uganda cannot accept such nonsense.

A lot of praise went to president Yaya of Gambia who made it clear that he will slaughter any gay person in public, Authorities in Iran and Sudan who strongly use Muslim teaching against homosexuality.

Reason learnt from today’s rally.

The main focus of the rally depicted that Pastor Male believe the anti gay bill cannot help the community instead it supports homosexuals and pastor Sempa believe parliament will debate the bill, make necessary amendment and make it a law. He called upon the public to pressurize parliament to debate it and pass into law. However both agree to use the Muslim community to be at forefront and use the quoran teaching to fight against homosexuality. 

In conclusion therefore the struggle is not yet over and we call upon the entire LGBTI community to be alert and make necessary follow ups as these people have started on their plan B. 


Moses Mulindwa



Malawi couple pardoned – UPDATE: State Dept issues statement

This is an interesting development…

Mr wa Mutharika had been under international pressure to reconsider the convictions of Steven Monjeza, 26, and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, 20. They were arrested in December after they were united in a traditional wedding ceremony in the conservative southern African country, where homosexuality is illegal.

The two men were tried and found guilty of sodomy and indecency earlier this month in a trial viewed as a test case for homosexual rights in the country.

Mr Ban, who was due to address the National Assembly later, is expected to ask the legislators to change the laws on homosexuality.

His decision will be seen as a victory by campaigners who had challenged the conviction and length of the sentence.

Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary General, met the Malawian president on Saturday in the capital Lilongwe.

 Speaking shortly afterwards, Mr wa Mutharika said: “These boys committed a crime against our culture, our religion and our laws.

“However, as the head of state I hereby pardon them and therefore ask for their immediate release with no conditions.”

He added: “I have done this on humanitarian grounds but this does not mean that I support this.”

UPDATE: The State Dept issued a statement today:

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Secretary of State

Washington, DC
May 30, 2010


I join President Obama in applauding President Bingu wa Mutharika for his wise and courageous decision to pardon Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza. He has provided an example for nations across Africa and the world as they debate laws that criminalize sexual orientation.


Human rights belong to all, and must be respected by all. Sexual orientation and gender identity should under no circumstances be the basis for criminal penalties, in particular executions, arrests or detention.


This is a good day for Malawi, for Africa, and for people of conscience everywhere.

Bryan Fischer and the Nazis: This is what I meant by vilification

On Monday, I wrote about the corrosive effect of the culture war on the real business of Christianity. In that post, I wrote

On the other hand, my great concern is that culture warring lulls people into feeling that that the cause justifies the considerable offense that comes with vilifying those the church yearns to reach.

As if to volunteer to be Exhibit A, Bryan Fischer helps define “vilifying” for us. On his American Family Radio program this week, Fischer, who erroneously believes the New Testament teaches criminalization of homosexuality) made the tired and discredited link between homosexuality and the WWII Nazis. He did not do this as an attempt at a lesson in history but as a part of his opposition to gays serving openly in the military. He did not simply comment on his moral opposition to homosexuality, teaching his view of the matter from the Bible. He vilified an entire group of people based on distortions of fact and the behavior of a few. Listen for yourself, transcript to follow:

So Hitler himself was an active homosexual. And some people wonder, didn’t the Germans, didn’t the Nazis, persecute homosexuals? And it is true they did; they persecuted effeminate homosexuals. But Hitler recruited around him homosexuals to make up his Stormtroopers, they were his enforcers, they were his thugs. And Hitler discovered that he could not get straight soldiers to be savage and brutal and vicious enough to carry out his orders, but that homosexual solders basically had no limits and the savagery and brutality they were willing to inflict on whomever Hitler sent them after. So he surrounded himself, virtually all of the Stormtroopers, the Brownshirts, were male homosexuals.

When Fischer says that Hitler could not find straights to be savage enough, he goes beyond even Scott Lively’s imagination. This is one clear example of what I meant by vilifying.

He followed up his radio performance with a column defending his views by quoting books by Lothar Machtan and of course, Scott Lively. Machtan speculates that Hitler was homosexual, although other historians have explored this possibility and most of them are skeptical. I explored the matter in this post and you can get a more objective look at the matter via the documentary Men, Heroes and Gay Nazis. I have a clip here dealing with Machtan’s book on the question of Hitler’s sexuality:

Note that the historians other than Machtan point out that there is no proof, no eye witness account. When Fischer confidently says that Hitler was an active homosexual, he misleads his numerically substantial audience. And he does so make a far more sinister point which he makes explicit in a column out today. In that article, he extensively quotes Lively’s book The Pink Swastika and echoes Lively when he writes:

Homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and six million dead Jews.

Regarding the specific claims of the Pink Swastika, I did a series of posts with the help of historian J.D. Wyneken. We found that The Pink Swastika took some historical facts, threw in a lot of wild speculation and simply overlooked disconfirming facts to create a false picture – one which Bryan Fischer summarized over this last week to support his culture war position.

Here are related posts in that series:

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Factoid: Fischer is a confirmed speaker at the Values Voter Summit.

Uganda tells Germany it does not support Anti-Homosexuality Bill

The government of Uganda has made a commitment to Germany not to pass any additional penalties on homosexuality. The promise comes in exchange for a German aid. Here is the Earthtimes article referencing a letter from the Ugandan government.

Posted : Fri, 28 May 2010 11:57:27 GMT

Berlin – Uganda has reassured Germany it does not support a bid by one parliamentarian to outlaw homosexual acts, in order to win an extension of existing aid payments, German officials said Friday.

The German development aid ministry said in Berlin it had cleared pledges totalling 120 million euros (148 million dollars) to Uganda over the next three years.

That aid would be conditional on Uganda not passing any legislation imposing new penalties on homosexual acts.

Gay groups protested round the globe last year when a Ugandan legislator, David Bahati, proposed an anti-homosexual bill, calling for life imprisonment for homosexual acts and death for homosexual rape of children.

Uganda’s parliament has studied the bill but not passed it.

Ugandan Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa sent a written assurance to Hans-Juergen Beerfeltz, state secretary at the German Aid Ministry, saying that the government in Kampala does not support Bahati’s legislation.

“We regard this letter as a positive signal and will continue to insist that the bill does not become law,” said Beerfeltz. He spoke after Ugandan and German officials conferred Wednesday and Thursday on the aid pledges.

The money will be used to fight poverty, stop water wastage and reduce carbon emissions. German Aid Minister Dirk Niebel earlier said he would halt aid to Uganda if the bill were passed.

If accurate, this report seems to be the clearest signal yet that the Ugandan government is now opposed to the Bahati bill. Sam Kutesa was one of the early voices in opposition and this makes it official policy.

American College of Pediatricians answers critics; removes Rekers

The American College of Pediatricians is the small breakaway group from the larger American Academy of Pediatrics. The ACP maintains the FactsAboutYouth website which I have critiqued here and which is the subject of this Minnesota City Pages article. Gary Remafedi is the main subject of the article, although it mentions Francis Collins letter as well as the concerns I expressed in my post on the subject.

In short, the article revives the request from Remafedi to alter the way the ACP reports his work:

The ACP argues that schools shouldn’t support gay teens because they’re probably just confused. “Most adolescents who experience same-sex attraction…no longer experience such attractions at age 25,” the letter says, citing a 1992 study by Remafedi.

Except that’s not what Remafedi’s research suggested at all. His work showed that kids who are confused about their sexuality eventually sort it out—meaning many of them accept being gay.

“What was so troubling was that these were fellow doctors, fellow pediatricians,” Remafedi says. “They knew better, and they have the same ethical responsibilities to their patients that I do, but they deliberately distorted my research for malicious purposes.”

On their website, the ACP has answered their critics. In letters to Francis Collins and Remafedi, the ACP justifies their work. The ACP also mentions my critique but did not respond to it. They say here that I did not contact them. I did not contact the headquarters but I did contact some of the committee members with various concerns. Their rebuttals are not persuasive to me.

In a related development, the ACP has removed George Rekers from their website and psychosocial committee. According to Rachel Maddow’s blog, the move was because Rekers won’t answer their contacts and not because they are distancing themselves from his actions. The ACP added NARTH luminary Neil Whitehead to the committee.

Vanguard extra: David Bahati says American evangelicals secretly agree with Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Mariana van Zeller posted some extended footage of interviews conducted for the documentary, Missionaries of Hate. Here is her description of this interview with David Bahati:

An exclusive, extended interview with David Bahati, the Ugandan member of parliament who introduced the anti-gay bill calling for use of the death penalty. Correspondent Mariana van Zeller asks Bahati about his reaction to President Obama’s and Rev. Rick Warren’s condemnation of the bill, how he would respond if had a gay family member, and his belief that Uganda may have been chosen by God to fight this “spiritual battle.”

I was struck by Bahati’s confidence that American evangelicals secretly agree with his bill and his approach. He expresses the view that the opposition here is not genuine because American evangelicals are telling him privately to continue with his approach.

I want to know, who are these evangelicals? Who is lying? He is saying clearly that some people who are publicly opposing the bill are secretly telling them they favor it. It is jarring for a man to invoke God while at the same time say that his supporters in America are lying to the public. Fess up, name names, who is playing to the crowds?

Vanguard extra: Extended interview with Scott Lively on Anti-Homosexuality Bill

After the premiere of Missionaries of Hate tonight, Mariana van Zeller has posted several additional extended interviews. Here is a little over 6 minutes of Scott Lively discussing his role in Uganda, the reason why the Anti-Homosexuality Bill should be passed and his view of American evangelicals.

Lively has said that it is racist to claim that Americans were responsible for the anti-gay bill and yet he claims credit for starting the “pro-family movement” in Uganda because they did not know what to do. Brace yourself, everything is said with a straight face.

Read my interview with Mariana van Zeller here.

Interview with Missionaries of Hate correspondent, Mariana Van Zeller

Tonight at 10pm eastern time, Current TV’s Vanguard series premieres the documentary, Missionaries of Hate: The American Architects of Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill. If you are interested in the relationship between evangelicals in America and Uganda, you need to see this documentary. Journalist Mariana van Zeller interviewed Martin Ssempa, David Bahati, Scott Lively and many other figures related to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

Earlier today, Mariana took time to answer some questions I asked regarding her reporting from Uganda.

Throckmorton: What did you want to find out in Uganda?

Mariana van Zeller: What piqued our interest initially was the question of whether some American evangelicals had an influence on this anti-gay bill. What were American evangelicals doing in Uganda giving a seminar about how Africans can protect themselves from homosexuality? Of all the great work Christian groups are doing in Africa, this just seemed so out of left field.

We definitely explore the American influence in the piece, but by the time we arrived in Uganda the fallout from the seminar was well underway and I think what we wanted to accomplish was to take viewers inside this story and capture the mood of the country. While we were on the ground, the campaign to push through the legislation was really heating up and immediately we began following the bill’s biggest cheerleader, Pastor Martin Ssempa. He’s a very charismatic guy — a real performer — and has a strong following among young people. At the same time, we wanted to show what it was like to be gay in Uganda, particularly in this very charged, anti-gay climate.

WT: What was the biggest surprise to you in your reporting?

MvZ: I was surprised that given the climate in Uganda, gay men and women were willing to speak with us at all. And I was surprised just how far Ssempa would go to try and prove his point. I never thought the first time I’d see hardcore gay porn would be in church.

WT: What did you want to get in the documentary that just didn’t make it due to space or some other reason?

MvZ: There was interview with a retired Anglican Bishop who’s been maligned for the work he does ministering to gays in Uganda. His church has essentially ostracized him and ahead of one of these anti-gay rallies, people hung posters for the event outside of his office. It’s silly, but when you see people taunting an old man you can’t help but feel bad. And it shows that the campaign wasn’t just against people who were homosexual, but those who were accepting of them or at least openly dealing with them.

Also, we did a lot of reporting on the potential cost to public health if a bill like this were to go through. Many health professionals were concerned about what can happen in a country with HIV rates like Uganda if you make it an offense for a doctor to speak candidly with his or her patient about sex.

WT: Did Martin Ssempa or other Ugandan supporters of the bill discuss the fact that so many evangelicals in the US and around the world have denounced the bill? If so, how did they account for so little evangelical support outside of Uganda?

MvZ: Yes. Ssempa thinks American Evangelicals are “wimpy”. In the piece, he specifically calls out Rick Warren. In his mind, Rick Warren is inconsistent in his stance on homosexuality. What I found interesting is that in the face of all these American evangelicals denouncing the bill, Ssempa decided to step us his campaign, at least for a while. But I will say that despite all these denunciations, this bill and campaign still has an American face on it in Uganda, at least to the country’s gay and human rights community. They all point to that March conference as a turning point, a spark. What they’d like to see is one of these big American pastors go there in person and denounce this bill.

Currently the bill is stuck in a Parliamentary committee. However, it could resurface at a later time or in pieces in other legislation. One question I should have asked Mariana is if she has heard from Martin Ssempa recently. He seems to have gone silent. I wonder why?

Watch Mariana’s reporting tonight at 10pm on Current TV.

Here is another personal account of Mariana’s experience in Uganda:

For all my posts on Uganda, click here.

Missionaries of Hate: Current TV documentary on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

It was slated to be released tomorrow night but is on Hulu now. I saw it over the weekend thanks to the Current TV folks. Watch it here and then watch it on Current TV tomorrow night. And then watch it again. For those of us who have followed this issue, it is important work in that it covers most of the many bases that make up this field.

Open forum…

Scott Lively goes on offense

Perhaps in preparation for the upcoming Current TV documentary on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Scott Lively is going on offense. In a May 22nd email to supporters, Lively wrote:



I’m looking for a good Christian media source to interview me on film on the Uganda issue for posting online.  I intend to get off defense and counter-attack the false witnesses with hard facts about Uganda and the dishonest way the media has addressed the story.  Please forward this to any pro-family journalists you know and ask them to contact me at

In the mean time, I have created a new category of news stories at under the title “Uganda.”  There are about 20 stories there now, going back to about 2003 which show the growing problem of pro-homosexual activism in that country, long before my 2009 seminar which is now being blamed for creating a climate of “homophobia” in Uganda. There are also numerous examples of liberal media propaganda about the anti-homosexuality bill.

If you happen to hear someone criticize me based on the intense, global anti-Scott Lively character assassination by these media, please refer them to our website, both to read the material there, but also to download Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response to the “Gay” Agenda which was the source of all of my comments and teaching in Uganda.

Thanks for standing with me through the firestorm,

Dr. Scott Lively

As he notes on his website, there are several articles going back to 2003 (although some of the links are broken), including a letter addressed to the Parliament of Uganda back in March. The letter is long but the highlights are that he favors targeted criminalization but with the aim being rehabilitation rather than prison. He indicates in this letter that he knew the Parliament was considering new legislation at the time (March, 2009). He also frames his views as a “don’t ask, don’t tell” public policy:

I believe you could easily adapt this model to your purposes by imposing this same reporting requirement on anyone with knowledge of homosexuals who involve themselves with anyone under a certain age. If, for example, you encompassed all youths under the age of twenty-five within this shield of protection, you would stop virtually all “gay” recruitment in your country, since normal young men and women are usually firmly set in their heterosexual identity by their mid-twenties. On the other hand, you would preserve the right to privacy of adults who are not activists or pederasts but simply want to live their lives in relative peace. This would function much like the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the United States military. Adult homosexuals would remain subject to the law, but not actively pursued if they are discrete about their lifestyle.

Lively professes opposition to the death penalty but the reasons sound pragmatic rather than principled.

First and foremost, the inclusion of capital punishment for what you have classed as “aggravated homosexuality” is, in my view, a disproportionately harsh penalty. You may not be aware that capital punishment has been banned in numerous countries, even for the most extreme cases of aggravated murder. This is held as such an important policy that these nations will often refuse to extradite criminals to their home countries (including the United States) if there is any possibility that they will be subject to capital punishment there. Advocating the “death penalty” for “mere” sexual crimes evokes such a severe negative reaction in most Western nations that all other aspects of the law, and the rationale for drafting it is ignored, and very “gay” movement we seek to oppose is strengthened by public sympathy they would not otherwise enjoy.

Conversely, if the “death penalty” provision were removed, it would take the wind out of the sails of their current campaign against the bill. With so much of the international opposition rooted in the idea that this is a “Kill the Gays” law, the removal of this provision would represent enough of a concession on your part that a great many of the people who are now siding with the homosexual movement out of sympathy would consider the matter resolved. The “gay” activists and their political allies will, of course, continue to attack the bill, but from a much weaker position.

You can read the whole thing and form your own conclusions, but according to the response provided, the bill supporters did not want to make any changes. Note the players involved in getting the letter to Parliament and then the response to Lively. Martin Ssempa received Lively’s letter and forwarded it to Parliament. Then, the responder was Charles Tuhaise, who has emerged as a major supporter of the bill. Here is the reply:

My letter was forwarded to Members of Parliament by Dr. Martin Ssempa. This was the reply.

March 10, 2010

Dr. Ssempa,

Thanks for sending Dr. Lively’s Letter. His proposals can be considered as we make our revisions, but, while I appreciate the need to have people like Lively campaign for the Bill and the law when passed, there are obvious dangers in trying to equalise the policy and law on homosexuality between USA and Uganda. The two countries are dealing with totally different situations. The time when USA should have enacted a preventive law like we are contemplating passed a long time ago and they are faced with a huge and financially and politically powerful gay population recruited into homosexuality because no one foresaw the need for a preventive law in time (probably in the 1940s). If such comprehensive law (not merely about sodomy) had been in place, people like Alfred Kinsey would not have done so much damage by opening the door wide for homosexuality.

The situation in Uganda today is different because homosexuality is still a budding problem. We either nip it in the bud now with a strong, preventive law or give it a foothold to grow from.

The danger I see in Dr. Lively’s suggestions is in proposing to

normalise homosexual practice for adults (whatever age they may be). That is the Western approach generally which has failed miserably, because what is held as normal practice by adults will be adopted by children and youth automatically. It’s just a matter of time before the whole culture is swamped in homosexual practice. That’s how pornography broke barriers in Western society and became insidious. It’s like the proverbial “Camel and herdsman story”. Today it is a foot in the hut, tomorrow it is a leg in the hut, next day its the head in the hut; before long, the herdsman is tossed out of the hut.

I agree with Dr. Lively that the Death Penalty can be removed, but it must be replaced by equally strong and detterent penalties. The purpose of penalties is to detter people from behaviour with far-reaching consequences. What the Bill needs, to me, is solid research into the consequences of homosexuality. Its huge health-risks and social, cultural and economic disruption need to be documented and not merely talk about defending our “religious and cultural practices”. In countries or territories with legalised homosexuality, parents and religious bodies have lost the right to teach against homosexuality; a property owner will not refuse to rent a house or hotel room to a homosexual couple based on belief, conscience or fear of influence on neighbouhood children; teachers must teach that homosexuality is normal lyfestyle or lose their licences; children in Kindergarten are introduced to homosexual books and other indoctrination e.t.c. All these are reasons we must do everything to stop and prevent homosexual practice.

Ultimately, I see no way out in taking a stand and paying the price. We cannot adopt an innefective policy against homosexuality just to prevent loss of donor funds. Our friends in the West must stand with Uganda as we take a serious stand against homosexual infiltration. What we need is more nations to stand up and do the same. There will be no place for lukewarmness, the way I see this situation. It’s time for nations to stand up for what is right and pay the price. The more nations do this, the more the tide will turn against the homosexual movement. Christians in the West must know that it is time to pay the price for truth. Unwillingness to do this is responsible for infiltration and takeover of virtually every western insitution by homosexuals, including the church.

I admire the courage of my friend Dr. Lively, because he has stood up to homosexual intimidation for so long as a lone voice. We need more people like him in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. The homosexual machine is well organised and its agenda is not conciliation with anyone but total take-over of society. Africa is probably is the last place they are trying to take-over that has the best hope to turn the tide, if we do not mess-up the opportunity.

Charles Tuhaise

(P/S: You can forward my comments to Dr. Scott Lively)

Mr. Tuhaise may have forgotten where he heard all about pornography and homosexuality. According to Lively, about the same message came from his highly successful visit to Uganda in March, 2009:

The Ugandan people are strongly pro-family, and there is a large Christian population which is much more activist minded than that of most western countries. However, the international “gay” movement has devoted a lot of resources to transforming the moral culture from a marriage-based one to one that embraces sexual anarchy. Just as in the U.S. many years ago they are leading with pornography to weaken the moral fiber of the people, and propagandizing the children behind the parents’ backs. On the TV show we exposed a book distributed to schools by UNICEF that normalizes homosexuality to teenagers. (We expect a massive protest by parents, who are mostly not aware that such materials even exist in their country, let alone in their childrens’ classrooms.)

Mr. Tuhaise seems to be saying that the bill is necessary based on what Scott Lively taught when he was in Uganda. The Ugandan supporters of the bill believe they are carrying the teachings of Lively to their logical conclusion.


Read a current update on the status of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

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