The Pink Swastika and Hitler

In the hunt for the gay Nazis, the biggest prize is Mr. Nazi himself, Adolf Hitler. And Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams do not let us down. In Chapter 4, from about page 151 on, Lively and Abrams weave together various rumors to make a case that Hitler was homosexual. In fact, they have an ally of sorts with Lothar Machtan, a German historian. Machtan believes Hitler was gay and wrote The Hidden Hitler to prove it.

Machtan is a historian and his book is to be taken more seriously that The Pink Swastika. However, having said that, the book has not been well received by historians. According to critics, Machtan traffics in the same sort of innuendo and guestimation which are characteristic of Lively and Abrams.

In this clip from the intriguing documentary, Men, Heroes and Gay Nazis, Machtan briefly advances his theory and then other historians assert he lacks any evidence for the gay-Hitler thesis.

You watch the entire documentary in eight parts on You Tube beginning here.

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6 thoughts on “The Pink Swastika and Hitler”

  1. Scott Lively’s latest writing on this in the 4th edition of the Pink Swatstika is full of contradictions. He can’t bring himself to acknowledge that there is any real evidence that Hitler was gay, but he can’t let go of the point without hashing through every bit of rumor and speculation.

    And he even discusses Hitler’s heterosexual life:

    “There are at least four women, however, including his own niece, Gely, with whom Hitler is reported to have had sexual relationships. These relationships were not normal, if in fact they occurred. Both Waite and Langer write that Hitler was a coprophile (a person who is sexually aroused by human excrement) and suggest that his sexual encounters with women included expressions of this perversion as well as other extremely degrading forms of masochism. It is interesting to note that all of these women attempted suicide after allegedly becoming sexually involved with Hitler. Two succeeded (Langer:175f). Hitler contemporary Otto Strasser writes of an encounter he had with Hitler’s niece Gely”

    So there are reports of Hitler’s heterosexual relations with specific women. It is a matter of documented historical fact that he married Eva Braun just before killing himself. And Lively cites not a single piece of credible or verifiable evidence that Hitler ever acknowledge homosexual attractions or had any homosexual relations.

    The conclusion should be that, based on best evidence, Hitler was a married heterosexual. Therefore using Lively’s own logic, heterosexual marriage causes Nazism and married heterosexuals should be deemed potential Nazis.

  2. It’s interesting that the absence of sexuality in Hitler’s life is pointing some to assume he was a closeted gay. Couldn’t it be just as viable – if not more so – that he had a low libido. No women nor men come forward with testimony or evidence of sexual relationships. Except Eva ???

    Then you have to wonder wouldn’t a meglomaniac be strange in many aspects of his life. What he ate, what he wore, how he spoke, whom he slept with and how? It’s not his suppossed sexual deviation that made a monster just a monster overall with an unexplained sexual background.

  3. David,

    I have often seen the same among ex-Catholics who begin to show a distain for everything the church represents, even though what they are often reacting against is an image of the church presented by the media that does not really reflect what the church teaches.

  4. We repress, in ourselves, what we dislike…and then we persecute those who act it out or associated with it….

    This is actually a longstanding criticism of fundamentalist Christianity.

    If Hitler was SSA, that has little bearing of his application of Fascist similarly principals applied by Mussolini and Japan…

    It may bear on an observation that he was a decendent of a Jew.

    Self-hatred, projected.

    1. David – so true, and there is evidence that he may have had Jewish background. Whatever he was – one would not be justified in faulting a whole class of people for his actions.

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