Wrong Again: Bryan Fischer Says There Are No Muslims in Japan

No. Just. No.
Writing on OneNewsNow, Bryan Fischer says Japan has no terrorism because the nation has no Muslims.
Fischer relies on one Jewish Press article which takes him far away from the facts.
Fischer says Muslims can’t proselytize and there are no Muslim organizations. He says a lot of things that aren’t true.
For the facts, see this Politifacts article. The writers there evaluated similar claims back in November and rated them “pants on fire” which mean blatantly false.
See also this article on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and then this list of Muslim worship centers in Japan.

Ben Carson's Business Manager on a Muslim in the White House: "Not an issue of religion, it is an issue of one's belief system."

According to Politico, Ben Carson’s business manager Armstrong Williams told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota this morning that Carson’s rejection of the possibility of a Muslim president was “not an issue of religion, it is an issue of one’s belief system, of how they will govern.” 
Someone needs to tell Carson that religions and beliefs systems have a lot in common. Whatever one calls one’s belief system, the Constitution forbids a religious test. Carson is making this unnecessarily difficult.
Carson said there are tenets of Islam which sanction the killing of gays and Jews. Does he not realize what Leviticus says? Is he unaware that some Christian movements have advocated hatred toward Jews?
Carson and his handlers are stereotyping Muslims and displaying group-serving bias regarding Christianity.  One knows the diversity of a social group to which one belongs much better than to an out group. Carson has lumped all Muslims into his stereotyped view of Islam while ignoring similar elements within his own religion.

Nothing brings Christians and Muslims together in Uganda like Plan B

This report is a little hard to follow but it sounds like a few Christians met with a large group of Muslims to celebrate Sharia law when it comes to gays.

I have been wondering where Martin Ssempa has been and it appears he was just taking a break. He is here networking with his Islamic brothers to praise the way they do it in Iran and Gambia. I don’t believe I have seen any news reports of this rally. If anyone reading has a report I missed, let me know.

UGANDA: Sheiks Ranch Anti-Homosexuality Campaign

Uganda national sheikhs task force against homosexuality ranched its campaign against homosexuality with help of national Muslim Dawa association of Uganda.

After the advocates for anti gay bill realized it might not succeed, Uganda national sheikh task force against homosexuality ranched a serious campaign against homosexuality in Uganda.

The rally attracted over 300 people mostly Muslims at crock tower stadium on Entebbe road.

Muslims at the anti gay rally held on 23rd may 2010 in Kampala

They had invited various leading politicians like Minister of Ethics Nsaba buturo, the bill mover in parliament Hon .bahati, Inspector general of police Kale Kayihura, religious leaders among others who did not turn up due to pressure from international community. 

Pastor male rubbished the anti gay bill explaining that they had initially requested for commission of inquiry into homosexuality instead bahati and his group hijacked them by introducing the anti gay bill with clauses they knew community and external World will definitely resist and hence rejecting the bill.

Among the articles he mentioned is the death penalty, HIV /Aids testing, compulsory reporting and confidentiality clause which allows the courts of law to hear such cases in camera yet the press has been very instrumental in exposing homosexuality as a vice. He also went on to say that the constitution of Uganda needs amendment since it allows privacy of individuals meaning that it’s very hard to track homosexuals in their houses.

He assured the audience that Uganda has a similar law in the penal code like in Malawi. He praised the Malawi government for imprisonment of the two gay activist. He says it’s instead the government, police and the judiciary to put this in practice like how it happened in Malawi. He attacked police which usually turn against victims and instead harass them on reporting homosexuals and their acts. He cited examples like pastor kayanja’s case.

Among others who attended included sheikh kaketo who reminded the audience how and why Allah created a man and woman.

He called upon the government to enact laws that protect the values in the community for better governance of our country.

Sheikh Mbabari cautioned the audience to desist from acts that will fall them into victims and turn way from religious values.

Pastor sempa defended the anti gay bill in parliament. He called upon the house to debate the bill and see which articles are unnecessary and go ahead to pass it into law. 

He went ahead to explain the four stages how homosexuals penetrate the country.

Tolerance, equal rights, minority right and lastly is special privilege.

He deliberated how many Ugandans flock Dubai as business community yet all are homosexual sex workers. He rubbished the western community and world leaders like obama that Uganda cannot accept such nonsense.

A lot of praise went to president Yaya of Gambia who made it clear that he will slaughter any gay person in public, Authorities in Iran and Sudan who strongly use Muslim teaching against homosexuality.

Reason learnt from today’s rally.

The main focus of the rally depicted that Pastor Male believe the anti gay bill cannot help the community instead it supports homosexuals and pastor Sempa believe parliament will debate the bill, make necessary amendment and make it a law. He called upon the public to pressurize parliament to debate it and pass into law. However both agree to use the Muslim community to be at forefront and use the quoran teaching to fight against homosexuality. 

In conclusion therefore the struggle is not yet over and we call upon the entire LGBTI community to be alert and make necessary follow ups as these people have started on their plan B. 


Moses Mulindwa



Anti-Christian atrocities in Pakistan

Horrible. Just horrible. Let’s stand with our brothers and sisters and lift them up.

A spasm of religious violence came to this rural town in the shape of an angry Muslim mob Saturday morning. The Muslims marched to avenge what they believed was the desecration of a Koran one week earlier. When it was over, dozens of houses were torched and Faith Bible Pentecostal Church lay in ruins. Two villagers were shot dead, residents said. Five others, including two children, burned alive.

Killing has become commonplace in Pakistan. But this attack startled the country both for its ferocity and for its stark message to religious minorities. Many saw the violence as further evidence of the growing power of the Taliban and allied Islamist militant groups in Punjab province, home to about half of Pakistan’s population.

“They have made up their minds to crush Christianity. They always call us dogs of America, agents of America,” said Romar Sardar, an English teacher from the area. “There has been no protection by the police. Nothing.”

More detail is provided on Crosswalk.com.