Bahati gets some encouragement

A group in Uganda called the “Forum for Kings and Cultural Leaders in Uganda” urged the government to pass the Anti-Homosexuality Bill yesterday. The news released reportedly said:

…homosexuality breaks the laws of nature, faith, the Constitution and the laws of culture and traditions

Bahati, cheered by the support said:

Mr Bahati, in a phone interview yesterday, welcomed efforts of the traditional leaders, saying “because at the end of the day, homosexuality is a danger to the culture that they are charged with protecting.”

While reading the article, I thought of my article titled, “Eliminating homosexuality: Nazi Germany and modern Uganda.” In it, I point out the attitudes of the National Socialists toward homosexuality. War criminal Josef Meisinger was the head of the Reich office charged with eliminating homosexuality. In a 1937 speech, he had this to say about the political reasons to combat homosexuality.

If one is really to appreciate the hidden danger of homosexuality, it is no longer enough to consider it as before from a narrowly criminal viewpoint. Because it is now so enormously widespread, it has actually developed into a phenomenon of the most far-reaching consequence for the survival of the nation and state. For this reason, however, homosexuality can no longer be regarded simply from the viewpoint of criminal investigation; it has become a problem with political importance. This being so, it cannot be the task of the police to investigate homosexuality scientifically. At the most it can take account of scientific conclusions in its work. Their task is to ascertain homosexual trends and their damaging effects, so as to avert the danger that this phenomenon represents for nation and state. No one says to the police: you shouldn’t arrest this thief because he might have acquired kleptomania. Similarly, once we have recognized that a homosexual is an enemy of the state, we shan’t ask the police-and much less the Political Police-whether he has acquired his vice or whether he was born with it. I should mention here that experience has shown beyond doubt that only a vanishingly small number of homosexuals have a truly homosexual inclination, that most of them by far have been quite normally active at one time or another and then turned to this area simply because they were sated with life’s pleasures or for various other reasons such as fear of venereal diseases. I should also say that, with firm education and order, and regulated labor, a great number of homosexuals who have come to the attention of the authorities have been taught to become useful members of the national community.

Note that the “danger” of homosexuality is framed in nationalistic terms, much as it is currently in Uganda. When one considers this nationalism along with the fervor that some religious leaders are inciting, and it should be clear why the situation must seem very precarious for homosexuals there.  

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  1. @Icearc wrote:

    “..But the longer this bill remains in committee, the more Ugandans grow weary of it, the long pause has provided sober evaluation of the bill…”


    Icearc, you are right on the money!! A sober evaluation free from the wildness of Ssempa and Gang will trim down the bill and in the end, refined segments of the bill will help set up the country as a bulwark against the emergent Gayist insurrection led by the Ugandan subsidiaries of Euro-American Gay Lobbies. This refined law will ban trojan horse NGOs and Western-controlled UN agencies in Uganda from distributing gay propaganda booklets to our school children forever.

  2. icearc, its good to hear that a fellow Ugandan is also reading my posts. Your comments about ordinances, regulations, etc, are quite funny. We are talking of ancient African Kingdoms not the Roman Empire. Are you going to ask me about the Ugandan version of Margna Carta? Since you are a fellow Ugandan, I guess there is no need to remind you that Gayism is not part of our culture which is largely based on customs and oral (not written) traditions.

    Your attempts to hold the hands of Westerners whose culture is obviously alluring to you and tell them it will be alright—that Gayism will be allowed in Uganda and that the people of Uganda will welcome gay tourists once the evil Bahati/Ssempa/Buturo gang are removed— will no doubt bring some comfort to the Lobbyists in the short term, but it in the long term, we all know it will end in tears.

    BTW, did you know that the present Kabaka supports Bahati’s bill despite his ongoing battle against Museveni? Now thats the African spirit at work !

  3. MaaziNCO, remember that it’s not only foreigners that read your posts! So when you feel the need to be revisionist, a fellow Ugandan will point it out. Kabaka Mwanga did not learn any homosexuality from the Arab traders, in fact, they were even more anti-homosexual than the Christian missionaries.

    Fact 1: Mwanga was already having sex with his pages, just that this time, these pages had converted to Christianity and the practice was against their adopted belief.

    Fact 2: Mwanga’s furious reaction to their refusal was as a result of complex interactions of factors including: his concern that absolute royal authority was being undermined; the influence of the Moslems/Arabs who had contempt for the Christians; etc

    Fact 3: The pages we now know as Ugandan Martyrs were not burned at the stake primarily because they refused to renounce their faith, the instigating factor is well known, although it was romanticized to a Shadrach, Meschack, and Abdnego sequel from Daniel 3 by the missionaries as an evangelizing tool.

    Can you prove in any cultural institution in Uganda specific rules,ordinances and regulations regarding gays?

    You seem to have made up your mind that Mwanga was the first gay Ugandan, and even more blame it on the Arab traders. I counter due to his prominence, he was the one we get to know.

    And as the forum for Cultural leaders, are you still in Uganda? The only cultural leader who has stood for his people is the Buganda Kabaka, the rest unfortunately have allowed themselves to become political stooges to the current regime, and not forgetting el colonel, Muammar Gaddaffi! Which is not their fault per se, you can’t bite the hand that feeds you, unlike the Kabaka of Buganda, they do not have massive financial resources to be independent.

    But the longer this bill remains in committee, the more Ugandans grow weary of it, the long pause has provided sober evaluation of the bill.

  4. Anteros,

    You are obviously joking when you claim that Ugandans “were happy to have gay king” , thus implying that it was colonialists and missionaries that transformed the “stupid africans” into anti-gay resistance. Yes, the British colonialists wrote the anti-gay laws, but this does not mean that Ugandans (and by extension, Africans) supported Gayism in the past. In fact, I will say that this is probably one of the few issues where the Africans held common position with their colonial oppressors. This is the truth not the colourful false stories about “a pre-colonial Africa filled with gay-loving natives, soon to be decieved by evil missionaries” contained in revisionist books written by Western academic who are obviously more talented than Greek mythologists. For your information, missionaries opposed a lot of things Africans did, but that doesn’t mean that Africans abandoned them. Polygamy was actively opposed by the missionaries. But polygamy remains legal across Africa, even in predominantly christian African nations. I know for a fact that several baptized African christians engage in polygamy to the dismay of local church clergy. Also church resistance has not wiped out animist african religions. In fact some christians incorporate some animism into their daily life. My point is quite simple. Africans resisted the missionaries’ attempts to eradicate polygamy because it is an integral part of their culture. Gayism is not part of African culture so missionaries did not really have to convince people about the harmful effects of homosexual practice on their well-being and society at large. By the way, the deviant Buganda king learnt his love for homosexuality from Arab traders who introduced it to East Africa starting with Zanzibar. So no way would the “natives” have endorsed the king’s homosexuality in any form. The Catholic Matyrs’ were not ex-lovers of the King. The royal page boys’ opposition to the monarch’s deviant lifestyle is as much an African cultural reaction as it is a reaction based on their catholic faith. Nice try anteros, but 96% of Ugandans don’t buy your pro-gay propaganda

  5. It is an association of Kings whose ancestors exercised sovereignty over their individual territories in pre-colonial times before the creation of the modern Ugandan State by the colonial British Empire.

    …that would be before the colonial British Empire imposed it’s anti-gay laws on natives who were otherwise happy to have a gay king and follow his orders to execute his ex-boyfriends, right? colonial era laws which Britain repealed decades ago? some sovereignty.

  6. It is an association of Kings whose ancestors exercised sovereignty over their individual territories in pre-colonial times before the creation of the modern Ugandan State by the colonial British Empire.

    those ancestors would include that gay king who killed all his lovers for jilting him after they became catholic, right?

  7. Just for the record, the “Forum for Kings and Cultural Leaders in Uganda” is not just a “group”. It is an association of Kings whose ancestors exercised sovereignty over their individual territories in pre-colonial times before the creation of the modern Ugandan State by the colonial British Empire. These kings are not lobbyists, but true custodians of traditions and culture of ethnic groups in their territorial space. So when they speak, their words are not taken lightly. For someone who sounds intelligent, I am quite surprised that you casually refer to them as a “group” as if they are in the same category as Western gay lobby groups and their Ugandan subsidiaries.

  8. Warren,

    The bill shall become law. No amount of Nazi slurs on Ugandan people will prevent its passage in one form or another. Better to concentrate on legitimizing gay marriage in all 50 USA states.

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