The Call removes link to Uganda campaign from website; KC protest planned today?

According to The Call Uganda website, a meeting calling for national repentance is slated for May 2, 2010. However, Sunday night the reference to Uganda disappeared from The Call website (see Google cache for the previous reference). I do not know what the disappearance means. Previous references to plans for The Call Uganda were accidentally released based on incorrect information.

Late last week, a coalition of gay advocacy groups expressed hopes that The Call would not come to Uganda with the intention of stirring up more animosity toward gay people.

In another case of disappearing information, an press release regarding a Kansas City protest of The Call, planned for today, has gone missing from the Kansas City Star.

Here is what shows up on Google news:

KC Faith Leaders To Hold Tuesday Anti-Homophobia Vigil Kansas City Star – Gretchen Renfro – 15 hours ago…Now, anti-abortion extremist Lou Engle of TheCall Ministries, is slated to go to Uganda on May 2 for The Call Uganda, a mass evangelical stadium rally in

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3 thoughts on “The Call removes link to Uganda campaign from website; KC protest planned today?”

  1. Wow, the Euro-American Gay Forces have done it again ! First it was poor Pastor Rick Warren, now it seems they have cut down Pastor Lou Engle. I congratulate them on their victories, which include the intimidation of US Senators and Congress men and women into interfering in the internal affairs of the Ugandan State. However let me remind the Forces that all their victories have been on American soil. So far they have won ZERO victory on Ugandan soil and it is extremely unlikely they will ever be able to do it— not while we have 96% of the Ugandan people ready to go to war on this matter. In fact, my assessment is that it is far easier for the Forces to crush domestic resistance to gay marriage in 31 USA states, than to compel Uganda to even consider a mere moratorium on the Bahati Bill. (Don’t be deceived; what is happening to the bill in the parliamentary commitee is anything but a moratorium).

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