Sue-a-what? Lindsay Lohan wants her some E-Trade

Remember the E-Trade commercial that featured the girl baby asking the boy baby why he didn’t call her last night? And then we find out that the boy baby was dividing his time between the first girl baby and “that milk-a-holic, Lindsay?” In case you forgot, here it is. But near the end, don’t blink and see if you think “Lindsay Lohan” when the literal babe jumps out and asks the age old question, “milk-a what?”

Never occured to me but it did to Lindsay Lohan. She is suing E-Trade for unlawfully using her “likeness, name, characterization, and personality.” Her likeness?

You mean, like, say what?

11 thoughts on “Sue-a-what? Lindsay Lohan wants her some E-Trade”

  1. well here we go again she out of jail so whats new. this girl knows she is not accountable for her actions she is laughing at the court system just hilton is. this women need to be held accountable for what they do or they will never stop it. if it was one of us hard working people we would be sitting in jail for years on the same charges she gets away with. I’m so tired of this split justice system.

  2. I’ll sue Ben Affleck….do I even need a reason?

    Wierd Al Yankovick rules!

  3. Jarred, GREAT comment. Vanity, thy name is apparently “Lindsay Lohan”. Any judge who doesn’t dissolve in mocking laughter as he is summarily dismissing this absurdity isn’t worthy of sitting on the bench. Does she not realize the buffoon she is making herself to be with this?

    Then again, from what little I know of Miz Lohan, it’s a little too late of her to do anything but reinforcing her status as “buffoon”.

  4. You’re so vain

    You probably think this commercial is about you

    You’re so vain

    I’ll bet you think this commercial is about you

    Don’t you? Don’t you?

    Sorry, Carly Simon’s song has been running through my head since hearing about this lawsuit. I had to share it.

  5. well, I have seen this commercial before and didn’t even know about the lawsuit until just now. I have to admit, I never once thought of Lindsey Lohan. Maybe this should be a wakeup call as to just how messed up she is. She really should get into some good therapy, bless her little heart.

  6. Thanks for posting the video, Warren. I heard the morning show hosts on my local station talking about this issue, but I hadn’t seen the commercial yet. Now I know what the big fuss is all about.

    To be honest, because I heard about the lawsuit before ever seeing the commercial, I admit that it’s hard for me not to think of Ms. Lohan when seeing the commercial. But again, I think this is because learning about the lawsuit first has biased my reaction. Had I just seen the commercial on television without knowing anything about the lawsuit, I doubt I would’ve thought of Ms. Lohan at all. Quite frankly, I rarely think of Ms. Lohan in general.

  7. WHO IN THE HECK IS “LINDSAY LOHAN”??? Besides, the closed captions on my TV spelled this babe’s name “Lindsey.”

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