Martin Ssempa on the lines: Nightline and Line of Fire

Martin Ssempa will get some significant face time on ABC’s Nightline tomorrow night. Ssempa confirms it and notes that he will also be appearing on Michael Brown’s radio show, Line of Fire, on Thursday. I will be teaching during the show and will miss most of it. There is a call in number at the link. If anyone calls in, ask him to post a copy of the bill on his blog.

Ssempa gives his preview of the Nightline show here…

Must see TV.

3 thoughts on “Martin Ssempa on the lines: Nightline and Line of Fire”

  1. Michael,

    Thanks for the YouTube link. If no one calls with this challenge during the program tomorrow, I’ll play excerpts from this clip and ask Pastor Ssempa for his response. Jim Burroway has also laid things out quite forcefully on BTB, and Warren has posted enough salient information here over the months to have a number of key questions to raise.

    If you can call in, better still. I’m committed to serving as a fair moderator for GLBT callers and their allies during the show. I have been told quite strongly by Ugandan leaders that their sentiments are being misrepresented, so we shall see what comes out of the show.

  2. Michael Brown is one of the good guys. I think he’s incorrect on many things, but the difference between him and Ssempa is like chalk and cheese.

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