16 thoughts on “Uganda’s Red Pepper keeps up the pressure”

  1. Is ‘Gayaza’ a real place? Suddenly I’m thinking it’s a nickname for a predominantly gay shopping plaza or something.

  2. Well I think that wrecked all my plans for a visual pun…had to go audial with ‘wrecked all’. (It’s never that good if you have to explain it.)

  3. “From December 22nd to January 1st, there is always a retreat at… in Gayaza and this is when people show their financial might,”

    Here, we call that Christmas shopping at the Mall.

  4. Terrorizing their young bums with a monstrous calorie laden fast food sandwich of American origin would also be reprehensible.

  5. I also can’t help but wondering how the paper knows his “whopper” is huge. Have they verified this? Or are they talking about the sandwich?

  6. Okay…it’s hard to read even after magnifying…so I could scarcely believe that this is what I actually read. Talk about your cross cultural differences:

    There is a city businessman on Nazzer Road known in the gay fraternity as one with a huge whopper that has terrorized several youths’ bums.

    Of course the ‘city businessman’ is nameless. Apparently Uganda has a ‘gay fraternity’; I imagine it parallels our ‘gay community’. (I wonder if there’s a separate ‘lesbian sorority’ or if the gay men have graciously allowed the women into their fraternity.)

    Granted, you don’t hear that many direct references to the size of a man’s ‘assets’ so I’m intrigued at how they became aware of the man’s ‘huge whopper’. It is rather disturbing that he’s going around ‘terrorizing’ youths’ bums with it. (Try as I might, I just can’t seem to conjure up a picture of a ‘terrorized bum’ that isn’t a wino hovering near a 55-gallon drum.)

  7. WHAT!?!? You got a toaster oven when you were recruited? I thought they didn’t handed those out to recruits, just the recruiters. Maybe it was because you and your partner recruited each other. A lesbian got a toaster for recruiting me…. now that’s what I call queer!

  8. I’m confused. Do the “lavishly facilitated homos” get free solar panels? I just got a lousy toaster oven when I was recruited.

  9. Odd that they only have come up with one foreign organization, and yet name all sorts of local, homegrown groups.

  10. God is a gay Kampala tycoon?

    They would try to smear Sylvia Tamale after her article on the efficacy of the Bahati Bill.

    And Red Pepper used an ex-gay (Kagaba) to support everything they said.

    “From December 22nd to January 1st, there is always a retreat at… in Gayaza and this is when people show their financial might,” Kagaba revealed.

    I wonder what they cut out of that sentence.

    The solar panel advertisement was more interesting…..

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