Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill discussed on Premier Christian Radio

Yesterday morning my time, I was on the Premier Christian Radio Network (UK) to discuss the Anti-Homosexuality Bill currently being considered in Uganda. Also on the show was prime supporter in Uganda, Martin Ssempa.

You can listen here (If audio is down, try this…).

Some Christian leaders in the UK are speaking out about a proposed law in Uganda which would introduce the death penalty for gay people.

The British government’s already announced it’s unease at the idea.

It’s already illegal to be homosexual in the African state, but the new bill would introduce more strict punishments.

Pastor Martin Ssempa is a Ugandan who supports the new law.

Dr Warren Throckmorton is associate professor of Psychology and Fellow for Psychology and Public Policy at Grove City Christian College in Pennsylvania. He’s campaigning against it.

I felt the interview went well and brought out the relevant concerns about the bill.

4 thoughts on “Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill discussed on Premier Christian Radio”

  1. Ssempa is a politician. Lying and shading the truth. He has always done exactly that.

    Dont really know why, since it is so easy to point at the bill and say, no, that is a lie.

  2. Great interview. I was gladdened to hear you read this statement from Exodus and I thank them for it:

    “Exodus International opposes this legislation as we believe that the Christian Church must be a safe, compassionate place for those who are confused and conflicted by their sexuality. Such legislation would inhibit church and ministry leader’s ability to assist hurting individuals struggling with this issue.”

    During the interview, Ssempa was arguing that this bill was needed to establish equal penalties for molestors of “the boy child” since there were already protections for girls.

    He didn’t seem to understand (or want to admit) that this bill goes WAY beyond that. If child abuse is the main problem, why not just enact and enforce tougher penalties for that?

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