4 thoughts on “House votes to defund ACORN”

  1. Yeah – there are always people in a group that are corrupt. ACORN has provided some very good services to people in assiting them get into homes – in a legitimate way.

  2. I’ve done canvassing for ACORN and my cousin-in-law worked for them briefly. I have to say, the reputation they’ve developed as a far-reaching conspiracy seems rather laughable to me.

  3. Mary,

    I think you forgot prostitution, pimping, and the import of underage girls in your list of additional income.


  4. ACORN has helped many people get into homes. The borrower was allowed to use income from baby sitting, house sitting, dressd making etc… things that usually don’t go on the taxes. It is a good program that has been ruined by a few corrupt people.

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