Miss California officials accuse conservative groups of exploiting Carrie Prejean

The Miss California pageant held a news conference today on the topic of Carrie Prejean. Many reported in advance that her Miss California crown would be removed during the press conference today. However, according to Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler, Directors of the Miss California pageant, a decision about firing Prejean will come tomorrow from brand owner Donald Trump. I wonder if Trump’s press conference will come from the boardroom.
It certainly sounded like the two directors recommended her release although they refused to make it explicit. Essentially, they said Prejean had skipped scheduled Miss California events and that she was only available through her “handlers.” They stressed that if she was dismissed, it would not be because of her views on marriage but how she had related to the pageant since Miss USA.
The harshest criticism however came from Keith Lewis and was aimed at Maggie Gallagher and the National Organization for Marriage. Lewis claimed 42% of NOMs funds went to Gallagher and that NOM engaged in copyright infringement by using Miss California footage for a NOM ad campaign.
Lewis also addressed other unnamed Christian organizations saying, “Shame, shame, shame” for exploiting Miss Prejean and placing her in a situation where she had breached her contract. He accused these groups of encouraging her to speak on their behalf even though it meant she was at risk of losing her title.

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  1. Excellent work, Grasshopper! I came back ‘here’ looking for ‘her’ and found ‘her’. (This will likely only make sense to the sitemaster…it goes to the post but not to the topic per se.)

  2. How evil of the media to hog-tie Carrie and drag her to press conferences and media appearances. How exploitative of them.
    And when they captured the head of the National Organization for Marriage and tortured her until she called Carrie the “new face of the marriage movement”, well we should try them with the waterboarding lawyers.

  3. As reported by CBS News:

    He (Keith Lewis) also scolded those around Prejean, saying, “Shame, shame for taking this young woman and exploiting her to further your own agenda.”
    Prejean has become something of a “poster girl for conservative causes,” Solorzano observes.
    But her mother says Prejean is the one being exploited, telling the Web site MomLogic.com Carrie is “being persecuted for speaking her opinion.”

    The pageant officials have their share of logs in their eyes, and the media have no problem in equating persecution to exploitation. And if they are going to go there, they might want to report on how Carrie Prejean has become the reverse poster child for gay activism. Is there no exploitation in that?

  4. Lewis, Moakler, etc, are spinning. Right after the pageant, they, along with Hilton, trashed Prejean repeatedly. Conservatives were not exploiting her. They came to her defense because they hated the way she was picked on by these folks for her views. They are being so utterly bogus and insincere in trying to make it out like they care about her and do not want her exploited, yet demand she has to represent California the way they want her to, which is basically agree with their stances on gay marriage. Pure nonsense.
    Is it part of the contract for officials of Miss USA to trash their contestants publically and try to humiliate like that?
    Is it part of the contract to out her on breast implants and/or possibly release private photos?
    Is it part of the contract to rub it in her fact after she lost saying she lost because they did not like her answer but now that they realize the public is against them try to make her to be liar for saying she lost because of her answer?
    Those folks there got enough nerves to demand she live up to her end of the contract and not grant interviews without their permission while they have been going out there trashing her.
    They turn what is a simple contract and make it into an unconscionable contract. They baited her over and over again and then demand she has no right to be interviewed and defend herself to fend off attacks?
    If anyone is guilty of breaching the contract, it would be Moakler, Lewis, etc.

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