Saturday at the movies: Pink Panther Strikes Again

Probably the funniest comedic sequence I have ever seen in a film, this interrogation of suspects from Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976) is my all time favorite scene from the entire Pink Panther franchise.

Clouseau is interrogating the staff of a Professor Fassbinder who has been kidnapped by Clouseau’s nemesis, the former Chief Inspector Dreyfus. He begins in the gymnasium and makes a rapid and dramatic entrance to the parlor where the staff is gathered. After the “interrogation,” he manages to shoot his British inspector counterpart with buckshot, requiring immediate “surgery.” It is well worth the 5+ minutes.

6 thoughts on “Saturday at the movies: Pink Panther Strikes Again”

  1. Byron – Yep, me too. Levi and I watched this until we were silly this weekend. Well, until we were more silly.
    Eddy, never heard that rendition; sounds like a good one.

  2. EW,
    This was THE scene in which I officially became a Pink Panther fan. No doubt about it; this is at the top of my list as well (well, this and the chase scene from Raising Arizona…).

  3. I grew up in Pennsylvania so I’m guessing it was an easy play that worked its way all over. I remember ‘redone lyrics’ to popular songs also. Wondered if they were local or national.
    We sang “I Saw Her Stranded There” instead of standing there.
    She was just 99
    And she smelled like turpentine
    The way she looked was way beyond repair
    I wouldn’t dance with her mother
    Since I saw her stranded there.

  4. Eddy
    I remember the dead-ant singing as a kid too. I live in the South West, is that regional or everywhere?

  5. We always sang the words “dead-ant, dead-ant, dead-ant, dead-ant, dead-ant” to the Pink Panther theme. One of my first memories is of the movie where some of the action took place at the Lee Key Shipyards. It provoked weeks of coming up with silly name wordplays.

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