Ayers defends terrorist past and relationship with Obama

I can’t find an embed code but the ABC News video is here and the article is here.
He says they didn’t hurt or kill anybody but then he says about whatever they did,

“We knew it was wrong. We knew it was illegal. We knew it was immoral,” he said, but the group’s members felt they “had to do more” to stop the Vietnam War.

And then he urges action today to stop the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

He urged people today “to participate in resistance, in nonviolent, direct action” to stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He says non-violent but he says they didn’t hurt anyone before when apparently the Weather Underground bombed buildings with people in them.
This blog claims to have an excerpt of Fugitive Days where he is fuzzy but claims responsibility for bombing. I am looking for a copy where I can verify it.
If he is trying to come across as someone who is noble in his activism, it doesn’t sell well to me.

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  1. Don’t waste your time dude, all the players are out in the open now and could care less … if someone hasn’t figured it out by now they are plain stupid…. I can’t believe that Obama and his racist wife are taking over our country

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