Rep Phil English (R-PA) explains his vote to oppose financial bailout

My Representative, Phil English, (R-PA) voted against the financial bailout package today. Here is his statement in support of his stance.

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September 29, 2008
English Responds to House Vote on Financial Rescue Package
Washington, D.C. – Today, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on the Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, legislation aimed to restore confidence in the American financial markets. U.S. Rep. Phil English (R-Pa.) a member of the Joint Economic Committee, voted against the legislation and released the following statement:
“From the outset, it has been my strong belief that any rescue proposal necessarily include real consequences for bad actors, strong taxpayer protections and accountability and transparency of any tax dollars used. I believe that the bill considered today failed to meet these minimum thresholds. Despite my belief that the right action by Congress could have a positive effect, this bill’s flaws and unchecked risk to the taxpayer, in my view, outweighed any potential benefits.
“This legislation fails to encompass critical financial safeguards for taxpayers, savers and the economy as a whole and lacks clear parameters and shifts the power to unelected bureaucrats in the Treasury. The bill creates a program where the same people whose mistakes have hurt the financial system will be able to game the auctions and leaves open the door for golden parachutes for top executives. And, while included on a limited basis, the insurance program is not the centerpiece of the initiative.
“There are weak guarantees of oversight as well as weak taxpayer protections. This legislation allows the program to be used for non-mortgage debt like credit card debt, forces taxpayers to bailout foreign banks, and turns over more than five percent of the Gross Domestic Product to Treasury with only very broadly defined terms.
“Further, the bill fails to get at the core problem which created this mess. Finally this measure overlooks opportunities to attract new, private capital into the market to help stabilize the marketplace.
“While I support the need for congressional action to stabilize the credit markets, the legislation negotiated by the Bush Administration and congressional leaders created a Rube Goldberg device that was ineffective in bolstering the economy, protecting the taxpayer or restraining the authority of the central government.”
The Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 failed to pass the House floor today by a vote of 205 to 228.

2 thoughts on “Rep Phil English (R-PA) explains his vote to oppose financial bailout”

  1. Well, we’re could be in the 2nd Great Depression now. This one could very well outdo the other one. I’m going to have to stock up on ammo, I’ll be keeping people off my lands either poaching game, trying to harvest wood, grow their own foodstuffs, or even trying to live there (that happened the last depression). They’ll be fleeing from the cities because no one will be shipping food.
    Thanksgiving will be grim, but by Christmas it will be thoroughly bleak. We’ll see natural gas prices start to inch up and heating oil will probably skyrocket. Texas and Louisiana oil men have always wanted to see the Yankees freeze and now they may finally see it through. It won’t have to rise much since many won’t have the money to buy it.
    Come Drowssaps 18 months, there won’t be the government capital needed to jumpstart a new banking system. Tax revenues will be in the tank. China will be calling on the US debt it owns, and a war might be the only way out of this mess again. Though a war with China will be even more messy than a transAtlantic war with the Axis powers.
    Or maybe not…..

  2. Everything Phil English said was right on the money.
    The plan was a Wall Street scam from the outset.
    Secretary Paulson
    “Give me $700 Billion in one week. I want no strings attached or oversight. If you don’t hand it over all of the ATM machines are going to turn off. Oh yeah, you have no other options and if this ship goes down it will never come up again… ever. You’ll all be living in the stoneage.”
    Paulson wants enough money to fund WW3 and he wants it in 7 days with no oversight? GIVE ME A FREAKIN’ BREAK!!!
    If things are really that bad it’s too late.
    I’ve got a better plan. How about we do nothing and in 18 months this will bottom out and we can start building back again. If all the banks die make new ones. The federal government could put out $500 billion as seed money to fund new banks. At 10 to 1 leverage these banks could loan out $5 Trillion dollars! It’s probably cheaper to build a new banking system then keep these crooks in business.

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