4 thoughts on “Palin did not cut Special Olympics budget: National Review Online”

  1. Nick – Keith Olbermann was until recently with no retraction. The WashPost has not retracted their spin; Newsweek to their credit did retract a false report.
    Michael – Don’t hold back, now…

  2. Nich C is right: . “All that matters now is that she’s shown herself woefully inadequate and unprepared to be vice president.”
    And vice presidents have to be qualified to be Presidentl
    Can you imagine this bubbleheaded, moose-skinning, “pray the gay away” mayor from a podunk town, in a state with the population of San Bernardino California being commander in chief of the Unite States — if Cain bites the bullet? Saturdday Night Live’s spoof on her is way too close to the reality.
    She acutally thinks that living near Russian and bordering Canada gives her international experience. What a joke. The republicans are SUNK and not a moment too soon.
    Their demise started with their sell-out to the ultra Religious Religious Right Jerry Falwll, FOTF, Newt Gingrich and their ilk. The country is sick of failed “moral”, financial and military goofs of the past eight or more years. Enough!

  3. Warren-
    I don’t think anyone except you is still exercised one way or the other on the question of whether Sarah Palin cut the Special Olympics budget. All that matters now is that she’s shown herself woefully inadequate and unprepared to be vice president. The fact that the McCain campaign has to shelter her from any normal contact with the press shows that they realize she is a disastrous mistake. Even the editor of National Review Online, who has been one of Palin’s staunchest defenders, says that last night’s return interview with Couric looked like she’d gone back to the principal’s office with her father.

  4. So in a year when the other private income sources you mention were likely to be decreasing due the ruinous economic conditions brought about by the Bush administration, Sarah Palin, the governor of the Alaskan state flush with oil income, cut $275,000 from the Alaskan legislature’s budget for the Special Olympics.
    DId you see Sarah Palin and John McCain on CBS News tonight? Man, Governor Palin can sure real off a prepared answer to a scripted (or easily known) question can’t she. And when things were threatened to get a little to hot, she had big daddy John sitting by her to deflect the more prying questions. She is in quite a bit of trouble for the VP debates. She’s either going to be so inculcated with answers that she’ll show up as rambling them off excitedly like she did tonight or she’ll freeze like a deer in headlights, or both.
    I may actually enjoy this election, I usually don’t.

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